Btec sports assignment

List five rules for your activity and explain what purpose they serve; for example, safety, to help entertain, to make competition fair? (1)Power plays- These were introduced to One Day International cricket in 2005 to keep the crowd entertained with more aggressive batting. There are three Power Plays, in Power Play one only two fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle and you have to have two close catching fielders. The next two Power Plays can be chosen when to implement by the captain, two fielders only allowed outside the 30 yard circle but no catchers are needed.

(2)One bouncer per over- This was implemented because of the famous ‘Bodyline Series’ in which the English team bowled balls aimed at the batsmen’s head consistently. They were specifically targeting the great Don Bradman because they couldn’t get him out. This rule was created for the safety of the batsmen. (3Two Umpires on the pitch- This rule is to make sure that competition is fair and to make sure the rules of the game are implemented properly. One Umpire stands behind the wickets at the bowlers end and the other stand at square leg. It is their jobs to adjudicate decisions.

(4) Runners- Runners are batsmen who have already been in and out. They are there to run for injured batsmen who pick up an injury in a game. They have to wear all of the batsmen’s kit including helmet and box. This rule is implemented for safety and to make competition is fair by making him wear the same kit. (5)Same sex matches- This rule is here so that one sex doesn’t have an advantage over the other, this rule was made to keep competition fair. In competition, explain the points scoring system for your activity.

6 runs-Batsmen hits the ball in the air over the boundary rope 4 runs- Batsmen hits the ball along the ground over the boundary rope. 1,2 and 3 runs- Batsmen hits the ball and runs to the opposite end of the wicket. List three technical jargon words from your activity and describe what they mean. (1)Doosra- An orthodox off spinning delivery would spin into a right handed batsmen, a Doosra is a delivery that spins away from the batsmen but still looks like and is bowled like an off spinner (2)Duck-Is the term given to a batsmen who has got out without scoring any runs.

(3Sledging- A tactic deployed by some teams with which they try to get into the batsmen’s mind and to make him lose concentration and play a rash shot. In the space below, draw the playing area for your activity. (If it is golf, draw examples of two different holes, if horse riding perhaps a show jumping course, if fitness draw a circuit). Which sportsperson do you most admire from your activity and what attributes do you think they have that makes them so successful? The Person I admire most is Mohammed Ashraful who plays for Bangladesh. I think he is the most successful Bangladeshi cricketer because when he bats he doesn’t care who they are or how many wickets they have got, he just goes out to entertain. I also like him because Bangladesh are often underdogs and I was delighted to see them beat Australia in 2005 courtsey of an amazing Ashraful hundred.

In terms of your own performance, what would you consider your most significant strength and area of weakness? Strength-Driving through the covers Weakness- Playing shots off my legs because my head falls over to the off side. For the area of weakness identified, explain how you intend to improve upon this. You may use diagrams to show specific drills. Ball is thrown down at batsmen’s legs and the batsmen tries to play the ball of his legs in between the red cones. If he is still struggling with it then I would take the cones away and throw tennis balls at head height and make him header then in that direction, this way the batsmen would learn to get his head over the ball whilst playing leg glances and on drives

Break down a single skill from your activity and describe the ‘perfect model’. Think preparation, execution, follow through. Cut Shot- Preparation; Back foot Abducts to the line of the ball and is flexed and the front leg leans back slightly and extends. The waist and shoulders rotate round and both arms are flexed. The head is in line with the ball. Execution( point of contact); The back leg extends as do both of the arms. The shoulders and waist rotates back around to strike the ball.

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During an On Drive I have poor balance which makes my head fall over to the off side. My eyes are watching the ball and my hands are set for the drive and my elbow is nice and high but …

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I love cricket! Absolutely adore it! Why ? Because it is one of the biggest pleasures in life with your trousers on. It is a different game – much more relaxed as the players have time for tea and lunch …

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