B cells immunity

The protein they produce makes an important immune system component. Its cells and protein are well spread in the immune system in order to react quickly to any problem. X linked severe combined immunodeficiency disoder is monogenic and it is characterized by the occurrence of a block in T cells differentiation and a direct or oblique destruction of B cells immunity. Its frequency is estimated at (20, 21) live births.

There exist 11 different SCID conditions of which four of them are, premature death of cells which is caused by the build up of purine metabolites, defective cytokine which are dependent survivals that signal in T cells precursor precursors, defective rearrangement of Y(D)J of the B cell and TCR receptor gene and defective TCR and pre TCR signaling. The XSCIDs has shown great success in treatment, it is caused by the deficiency of the gamma common cytokine receptor subunit which is shared by the receptors for IL-2, IL-4, IL-9, IL-15 and IL-21 it is exhibited by the total absence of t and NK lymphocytes.

XSCID is caused by mutations in IL-2 gene (Kohn and Steve 2009). The gene prevents normal maturity and formation of lymphocytes thus making the body powerless in fighting information. It is treated by initiation of HSCT from an HLA matched related sibling donor of which this shows high rate of success of about 80% cure compared to the use of HLA matched unrelated donor which is about 70%. The success rate is as a result of good care of the inflectional and diet problems disturbing the patients during treatment. Gene therapy is also justifiable in the treatment of disease that affects myeloid cells (Anderson 1984)

. Also the success of treating sickle cell in mice is a justifiable case. Clinical trials with patients with coronary heart diseases have shown a reduction in ejection fraction 8^16. the patients were infused with BM derived progenitors cells straight into the infarct artery 3to7 days following an acute a placebo or an acute myocardial infarction. CONCLUSION Taking into consideration the negative right to health care the patient and doctor have rights to choose a course of treatment of their liking without interference by the government.

Cancer patients can benefit greatly from drugs currently in face two but if they are to wait for the approval of FDA they might not live long (Durai M, M Porteus, K Kandavelou, Wu Chandraseg 2005) . Since few options are available its wise for patients not to be denied access outside phase two if he/she is willing and the physician and drug makers are willing. Embryonic stem cell treatment is underway and it success will shine light to treatment of many diseases.

Prohibitions may arise to the use of embryonic cells and their precursors’ since in some states it’s a crime to carry out research with embryos or to create them genetically. Justification of the issue will depend on who should be protected the patient or the embryo. (Kohn and Steve 2009) The patient is justifiable since the embryo is an undifferentiated cell that is yet to be implanted in the uterus. Gene therapy involving human trials is justifiable since it helps in creating life prolonging medical solutions.

Provided the patients are willing and the court has the readiness to identify a negative right to the non intrusion of medical decisions that influence life and wellbeing. ( Anderson W 1984)

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