Achieving Fitness

Fitness in all walks of life is very important and essential. Whether a professional athlete or an English teacher being physically fit will benefit you in spectacular ways. To become fit one must exercise according to his or her needs. Exercise can help you loose unwanted weight, create a more attractive body, and become stronger for any physical demanding jobs, overall making you a healthy person. There are 3 main parts of fitness, flexibility, strength, and endurance. There is a popular saying, ” the longest journey begins with a single step.

” Setting realistic goals for yourself should be that first step in attempting to achieve them. To base your results on somebody else’s is a mistake, nobody in this world is exactly alike, individual genetics have a lot to do with how your body responds to training. Like everything in this world you will need tools to help you make your exercise achievements possible. Athletic shoes, gloves, wrists and knee straps, weight belts, and most importantly access to an athletic club or a gym of your own. The importance of shoes in training is simply to stabilize you feet and improve you balance.

To find a good shoe is totally up to you but remember that you need a shoe that fits the all parts of achieving fitness. Gloves are used by a wide variety of athletes to help protect their hands and improve their grip while working with weights. Wrist straps go hand and hand with gloves; straps are fastened around your wrist and then twisted around a weight bar to effectively strengthen your grip. Knee straps are one of the most vital pieces of equipment, having straps round your knees when doing heavy exercises that involve a lot of strength raises the hydrostatic pressure within the joint and helps to prevent joint and ligament injury.

There is no worse feeling than having your back damaged, to prevent that from happening weight belts should be worn to support all the muscles of the lower back while lifting heavy weights. To accomplish any kind of fitness you need access to an athletic club or a home gym of your own; having membership to a gym would be more effective because the fact that all work out machines would be at your disposal without spending obscene amounts of money. Stretching is the first step for attempting to be fit. Stretching improves health and fitness.

When combined with a proper strength and cardiovascular routine, stretching provides at least one-third for total body fitness. By working on one’s flexibility one reduces the major risk of injury. Most athletic injuries are caused by trauma, overextending a joint, ripped and pulled muscles, along with sprains. People who follow a good stretch program are fifty percent less likely to suffer from getting hurt than people who don’t. Elongating the body’s joints, ligament, and muscles can also help prevent soreness and promote faster physical recovery times.

Stretching improves any kind of athletic performance. When done correctly, it is one of the most invigorating feelings that an individual can get for their body. Have you ever awakened in the morning still in bed and, slowly stretched your entire body? It felt great didn’t it? With a regular practiced flexibility routine a person can get that feeling as often as they choose. There are a total of forty-seven major muscles that are worked to be strengthened. Strength is what made our civilization what it is today; because of it strength is what makes all other values life possible.

” Only the strong survive” is a saying that has been said repeatedly since the beginning of time. To become stronger one must strength train. Weight training, bodybuilding, weight lifting, and isometrics are the major ingredients in gaining strength. Using the resistance exercises to all muscle groups’ results in improvement in mechanical efficiency. Resistance exercises can be measures by increase of weight, sets, and repetitions, according to ones ability to exercise. Weight lifting is a sport in its own right, which people attempt to lift the heaviest weight they possibly can.

In bodybuilding lighter weights are used in a variety of exercises in order to develop a physique. Weight training on the other hand is much different it is again used in a variety of exercises with a different purpose of improving your performance in some other activity such as, basketball. Lastly isometrics is a mode of training without using any weight; it requires a maximum contraction of the muscle against a fixed or immovable object of resistance such as, a bar that has been placed in the holes of a power rack. Endurance- your body’s ability to endure exercise is the third step for total fitness.

This step branches out to two parts muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Muscular endurance is the ability to contract a muscle over and over again to recruit the greatest number of fibers to perform an exercise. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart lungs, and circulatory system to deliver the muscles to fuel the body and carry out waste products. Running, biking, swimming, dancing, any exercise that is consistent and gets your heart rate up will improve the cardiovascular system. Highly repetitive activity with weights will increase muscular endurance to the muscle that is worked.

Cardiovascular exercise enhances the body in many ways; increased ability to take oxygen and transferring into the bloodstream; increased capacity of your heart to pump blood through circulatory system and muscles; enlarging the number and size of capillaries that bring blood to muscles; and increasing the ability to flush lactic acid out of muscles. Muscular endurance also has its attributes to the body’s health; boosting the size and number of capillaries to muscles being exercised; expanding the ability of muscle fibers to store glycogen, which is needed to create energy for muscular contractions; and overall development and shape of body.

I myself suffered from asthma since I was six years old. When I took up martial arts I exercised on the regular to improve in it. As I progressed in my hobby, my fitness level also went up. In doing so I haven’t suffered from an asthma attack since the age of 12 when I began martial arts, and my ability to breath has become more efficient, helping me defeat something I thought I could never get rid of. Fitness is one of the most important things to any individual’s life. Many people these days neglect that fact and suffer because of it.

In a recent study sixty six percent of adults in America are overweight along with children. That is two thirds of the population that suffers from being overweight, each being more likely to become obese and more prone to catch diseases. Whether a person likes it or not they should feel obligated to at least exercise regularly about thirty to forty-five minutes a day. By going on a quest for fitness, everybody will be healthier and also be able to enjoy the feeling of physical well-being.

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