A review to the health plans

Through looking at these factors I have realised that I will need to produce an exercise plan, a relaxation plan and a healthy eating plan. I will need to make my plans sensible, achievable and realistic for my case study to follow. I will also need to take in mind what type of lifestyle she has and her day to day routine in order to make these plans. As my client doesn’t get an adequate amount of sleep all that I can do is advise her to make a sleep timetable and also advise her to manage her time well. She can also, at a last resort take sleeping tablets which can be prescribed by her General Practitioner.

I didn’t make a sleep timetable for my case study as I don’t know her proper lifestyle and the amount of spare time she has and the amount of time that she spends doing other activities. If I was to do a time I would have to spend a whole day with my case study, and I can’t do that because my case study lives far away from here and I can’t go there because it is 2-3 hours drive from here. To overcome her problem of inadequate sleep, to improve my coursework I will include a sleep timetable. The exercise plan that I set up for her will help her to maintain her weight as when I worked out her Body Max Index through the formula.

My case study’s BMI is 19. 87 and according to this data she is the ideal weight. She is at the norm of her age according to her height and weight. The plan will be needed to be followed by my client for 1 month at the beginning and if it is suitable for her it will be carried by my case study to suit her lifestyle and to maintain her ideal weight. I have made up two plans so they alternate each week so she doesn’t get bored and tired. I think that this plan would be good for my case study to achieve as it isn’t demanding too much of her time. However, there may be some problems that may occur.

Some of these will be that she may not have enough money but this shouldn’t be a problem as some of these exercises can be carried out at home. The other problem may be that she may not have enough time as she is a woman with two children. To overcome this problem of my case study I will make advise her to set her time out well and or make a timetable with what she does and how she can make time to carry out the activities I have set for her. The other main important problem may be that as her left hand isn’t working she may not be able to perform some of these activities such as swimming which requires both of your hands to work.

To accommodate this I will make sure that the activities on the plan that my case study can carry out without her hand becoming a problem and a barrier to the exercises that she carries out. The things that my case study liked about the exercise plan were that it didn’t take much of her time. She also appreciated the fact that I included the pricing information and the map of how to get to the locations of the leisure centres and the parks that she will have to attend.

She also like that fact that some of the exercises can be carried out at home and she can do them at any time she wants, whenever she finds the right time to do them and she will also not have to pay for the travelling expenses or the fees to attend the activities that they offer to their clients. There is only one thing that my client disliked about the exercise plan that I set up for her was that she doesn’t like to go swimming because her left hand doesn’t work and that she swim without both of her hand.

The thing that I liked about the exercise plan was that I have not included activities for everyday of the week and I haven’t done this because my case study doesn’t get tired and exhausted. I also like the fact that the activities that I have set up for her to do can be done at home and they don’t take much of her time. They also don’t cost a lot of money as some of them can be done at home so she doesn’t have to attend the centres. I have also included her to go to the park which is free and she can attend it as it is not too far away from where she lives.

There may be variations, but all insurance plans are one of two essential types; Indemnity or Managed Care (Valerius, Bayes, Newby, & Seggern, 2008). There are five health plans highlighted in this chapter; Indemnity Plans, Health Maintenance Plans (HMO’s), Point …

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My client, Justin Timberlake is very determined to improve on his PIES and lifestyle over all. Personally I think he is going to struggle to follow his diet plan in the first two weeks, but hopefully at the end; he …

Body Mass Index is a measure of the weight of a person scaled according to height. It was invented between 1830 and 1850. This table showing height and weight shows whether you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese for your height. To …

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