A Career in Pharmacology

Many people have different jobs but I have chosen two careers out of thousands of jobs that will fascinate you. Mrs. Zchau talked and demonstrated the requirements to get into a four year universities and city colleges. Also she talked about how many colleges there are in California. You need four years of English, three years of math, three years of a foreign language, and one year of arts. Many colleges have different majors that you can go to. There are also scholarships for people that can afford to go to college. There called full ride scholarships or there are different kinds of scholarships that can help pay for college.

To get a scholarship you need very good grades. The two careers that I chosen are pharmacologist and business manager. Pharmacologist and business manager have their own personal characteristics, working environment, working condition, salary, benefits, job outlook, education, training, skills and high school courses. My values of friendship and companionship, recognition and creativity. I like to have friendships and a friend to have around me all the time. I want to be recognized for the things that I discovered and accomplished. Also creativity is one of my best values. Pharmacologist has many personal characteristics.

One example, they experiment with animals to test the effects of the medicines. Also study the effects of drugs, gasses, dust, and other materials. Companies look at more than 2000 substances for new medicines. Pharmacologists begin with theories to develop into reality to help public health. Working with radio isotopes and radio active compounds. They test thousands of untried drugs for effectiveness. Some pharmacologists specialize in researching possible medicines for certain parts of the body. The working environment and working conditions are excellent. They have the finest equipment available, it’s clean, well lit, and very comfortable.


Generally work for forty hours per week. Some may travel to nursing homes or patients home. Also they wear masks and gloves when they are handling dangerous chemicals. Beginning pharmacologists earn 30,000 to 45,000 dollars per year with a Ph. D. An experienced pharmacologist earns 59,000 to 72,000 for a private industry. A clinical pharmacologist with supervisory duties and with a Pharm degree or MD degree may range 100,000 to 200,000 annually. Many experts in pharmaceutical industry predict excellent employment. Many new medicines and chemicals are continually being developed.

The development and improvement in treating AIDS, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and muscular dystrophy are being found by pharmacologist. The education needed to become a pharmacologist is a doctor’s degree in pharmacy and passing one or more examinations is required to obtain a state license as a pharmacist. Also required two years of college. Also to have to take pharmacologist college admissions test. Complete internship supervise by a licensed pharmacologist. Analytical skills and inquisitive minds are skills needed. Also need patients as wait for long periods of time before knowing the results of their work.

Also advanced degrees are essential for becoming a pharmacologist. High school courses recommended are biology, chemistry, physical science, and as many possible mathematics courses. Also history, statistics, social studies, and English are also necessary subjects. Speech classes and computer literacy is necessary. A business manager has many personal characteristics. They coordinate business activities in both private industry and public agencies. Also manage more the business and is responsible for operations, maintenance, purchasing supplies and equipment, planning, organizing, directing the work of employments and budgeting.

Develop abilities that can aide you in success. Some abilities may be natural and can be developed by using them. Working environment and working conditions are excellent. But work long hours under considerable pressure. Mostly indoor work in office, sitting in meeting while working on the computer, may travel a lot. Be positive in challenging times and be able to communicate with staff members, customers, community leader, and the public. Needs to be near sited to see presentations and most of the time in office preparing for presentations.

Standing to talk to staff members, outside looking at projects that are being built. Tools mostly used are the computer for presentations and for scheduling. General and operation manger average 9,141 per month and top pay 11,994 and up. The benefits for a manger are paid sick leave, paid holidays, paid vacations, health insurance, and retirement plans. Opportunities are good for employment in the future. Growing demands for consulting who specialize in company restructurizing and development of strategies in multinational companies. Increase in the number in multinational companies. Many skills are needed business manager.

Knowledge of problem solving and decision making, ability to developed long range goals and objective that foster organizational growth communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Diplomatic during business contacts, sales ability in customer skills. Education needed is MBA a minimum requirement to enter as a management trainee. Large companies require BA degree, 10 years of supervisory experience is usually necessary. High school courses recommended are business, data, processing, English composition, psychology, speech, accounting, business law, economics, government, and social studies.

What I have learned in this project is that becoming a licensed pharmacologist is a long a hard process. Pharmacologist have to have a lot knowledge of math and science, they need lots of patience. The best career choice for me out of the two is business manager. Business mangers get lots of privileges. One privilege is that they get to boss people around and I like to boss people around. Also they get paid vacations, holidays, sickly and health insurance. Work Cited Euereka. Business manager. 2-16-07 Eureka. Pharmacologist. 2-16-07 Occupational Guidance. Pharmacologist, Unit 4, volume 3, article 16. Zchau, Mrs. Guest speaker. 2-13-07.

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