Ethical essay on Human Cloning

Cloning is more offspring that produce identical cells. Cloning is some by using genetic material from a single cell and this does not involve sex. The first success in cloning an adult mammal was achieved by a scientist called Ian Wilmut. It involves taking an egg from the woman and taking sperm from the man. Then will need to implant the egg into the woman. They’re a lot of research happening about human cloning because there is always a high demand for organs. But scientists says that it will take some time before human cloning will take place because they need to know how safe it will be.

” The first application to carry out cloning of human embryos is about to be submitted by scientists.” (The daily telegraph 2001) A Professor called Peter Andrews of Sheffield University said in The Daily Telegraph, 24 January 2001 that he and his colleagues would soon submit an application to use spare IVF embryos and hoped to clone early human embryos. The Professor says that the licence to conduct such work could be issued in as little as nine months. The embryos would be used for research on stem cell, the parent of all cell types, which will help to repair some damage caused by Parkinson’s disease, stroke, heart disease and also diabetes.

Arguments for Human Cloning: – For the people who agree with human cloning, it is miracle where many couples have difficulties having children, and sometimes it is impossible for couples because they are infertile. So cloning will allow these couples to have children. It will increase the number of embryos transferred and avoid subsequent egg retrieval during in vitro-fertilization (IVF) procedures. ”Smith is licensed to experiment on human stem cells in Britain because his objective is to improve infertility treatment – one of five categories of research for which human embryos up to 14 days old can legally be used. He finds it frustrating that the cells he extracts for infertility experiments can’t be used to develop tissues for transplant”(New Scientist 2000)

It may provide a way for homosexual couples to reproduce themselves. It will also provide valuable basic research and possible revolve of technologies related to reproduction and development. Equally important, for a woman who is single could have a child using cloning instead of vitro-fertilization or artificial insemination. In our society it has generally respected individual privacy and the general right to control ones body in regard to reproduction. For a parents who has a child who is terminally ill and only need a bone morrow transplant, which can save the child’s life. If there is no donor available, then the parents can use to clone human being from the cells of the dying child.

”Therapeutic cloning could revolutionise the treatment of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Doctors would take a healthy cell from the patient and fuse it with a human egg stripped of its own chromosomes to create a cloned embryo. A few days later, when the embryo has grown in a culture dish into a ball of cells called a blastocyst, they would remove the embryonic stem cells, which can develop into any of the body’s tissues. Once biologists have discovered the triggers that will persuade stem cells to turn into the brain cells a Parkinson’s patient needs, it should be possible to grow cells that are a perfect match for each patient.”(New Scientist 200)

Cloning could also provide a copy of a child for a couple whose child had died. Arguments Against Human Cloning: Let’s say that everyone has the same genetic information, what happens if we lose the ability to clone. Which could lead to resort to natural reproduction, causing us to inbreed, which may also cause many problems. One major concern is safety because research needed to quantify and reduce in any risk, which may be involved.

The Individuality and Uniqueness is which ignores the normality born of identical twins. Also the nurture is important than nature in the development of human qualities. The technique of nuclear transfer is also early in its development stages. There are errors are occurring when scientists carry out the procedure. For example, it took 277 tries to produce Dolly and the scientist called Roslin produced many lambs with abnormalities. It could be argued that to clone a human it would take more than 277 tries, because a human contains more genes than an animal, for example a Dolly.

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At present, there is no federal ban on therapeutic cloning.[1]  The House initially passed two bills prohibiting cloning but both were discontinued in the Senate. In 2001, President Bush authorized the first federal funding on stem cell research but backtracked …

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