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There are many observations that I have made living in Dutchess County for the 33 years of my life but to actually researching and learning about the community I’ve live in is very interesting. I did find it very challenging to get information about certain topics like race, ethnicity and employment. The three community nursing diagnoses I have chosen are: one, Ineffective health maintenance related to lack of familiarity with neighborhood resources, two, deficient knowledge related to lack of familiarity with managed care and three risk for poisoning related to ingestion of lead.

For the first community nursing diagnosis Ineffective health maintenance one nursing interventions that could have a positive effect is planning a specific program to familiarize members of community organizations with neighborhood resources, such as having an agency spokes person attend senior citizen lunch meetings to distribute program material. This will enhance acceptance and reach more people. Another nursing intervention that could have a positive effect is to ask members of community organizations to evaluate community resources.

They could discuss ways in which organizations may become politically active in requesting needed services. This will positively effect the community in members will become more aware of resources and evaluation may help point out the need for changes. Some community health partnerships that can help in accomplishing these interventions are Meals on Wheels could come to the Fishkill Recreation Center to explain their services and how residents can receive these services.

Also the American Cancer Society can come to recreation centers and local doctor/clinic offices to explain their program Road of Hope, where volunteers drive patients to and from their cancer treatment. The American Heart Association can set up free blood pressure screening in the local Walmarts where they can also have pamphlets about their many programs. Deficient knowledge related to lack of familiarity with managed care is the second community nursing diagnosis, a nursing intervention that can have a positive effect on the community is provide a simple explanation of managed care and its benefits.

Point out the advantages and disadvantages of managed care to patients. Explain the difference between HMO and PPO in simple terms. When patients understand the structure of managed care it may help patient who are accustomed to fee for service adept to a new system. Exploring the patient’s understanding of the primary care physician’s role is another nursing interventions that could have a positive effect on the community. By stressing the importance to always go through a primary care physician to meet health care needs.

This intervention helps patient’s understand the role of a primary care physician, which is key to successfully using managed care plan. A partnership that could help accomplish this intervention is having representative’s from insurance companies come to doctor offices and clinics. They can set up a free consultation to explain the benefits of their plans. Schools could also have an insurance specialist give a presentation to parents on the different types of managed care available. The third community nursing diagnosis is Risk for poisoning related to ingestion of lead.

A nursing intervention used for this diagnosis that could have a positive effect on the community is if there is any indication that a child needs their blood level tested request and order to have a test performed. Early intervention reduces levels and prevents more serious complications. Another nursing intervention is setting up educational programs for children, parents and teachers about the dangers of lead poisoning. When children registered for preschool, kindergarten, or first grade, blood should be tested for elevated lead levels. All children under age six or as a state regulation dictate should be tested for elevated blood levels.

Teachers should emphasize that children’s should wash their hands with hot soapy water. School lunches should be healthful, balanced diet to ensure children receive adequate amounts of iron, protein, calcium and zinc. In Dutchess County a cultural diversity issue that plays a role in community health is the growing Hispanic population. With the majority of Dutchess County being White non-Hispanic the ever-growing population of Hispanic primarily Spanish speaking, the community needs more services and interpreter to accommodate for this population.

The issue this would raise in community health is the Hispanic population not knowing what services are available and when they do go to the doctors, hospital or pharmacy not understanding vital information. As I reviewed the Office of Minority Heath I saw a national campaign that caught my eye was raising awareness about infant mortality. This campaign focused on the African American community. This is one of the Office of Minority Health’s many efforts to end health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities. After reviewing Healthy People 2020 the indicator I choose was overweight and obesity.

The nursing role is educating parents and children about healthy eating habits. A community nurse could have an interactive seminar for parient and children about healthy eating habits. This could be advertised in the local papers and on the Fishkill Recreation billboard. A community health partnership that can be created to influence overweight and obesity indicator is between a local guy and a natural food store. The gym could offer free training session with discounted membership for a set amount of time. While the natural food store could offer discounted prices to people who show their gym membership cards.

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