Whooping Cough

The success of the health education rendered by the community health nurse can be measured through the administration of simple quizzes about pertussis. In cases of demonstrations of interventions, a return demonstration from a representative of each community group can be used as a means of evaluation. Intervention 2: Epidemiologic surveillance will be evaluated through an analysis of the statistics gathered. Surveys and interviews among the core group members will also indicate any progress that the epidemiologic team is achieving.

Intervention 3: The best method of evaluating community organizing is through peer-evaluation: members of the core group evaluate each other and other members of the community. But eventually, it is the decrease of pertussis cases that will ultimately indicate the effectiveness of all the interventions rendered. Nursing Practice Nursing Care. Chiefly, all the nursing interventions belong to the primary level of intervention. Indeed, health education involves health promotion and illness prevention (primary level).

However, they also cover other levels of interventions. Surveillance entails early detection and prompt treatment, components of secondary prevention. Also, community organizing includes components of tertiary prevention, like prevention of complication, and rehabilitation. Nursing Practice. For the population, all the components of the community health nursing were utilized. The community was assessed, diagnosed; interventions were planned and implemented, and then evaluated.

Also, the major aspects of community health nursing addressed were education, safety, health services, and communication (Kozier et al. 2006). Public Health Nursing (PHN) Intervention Wheel. The interventions provided coincide with some of the interventions provided in the PHN Intervention Wheel: health education, surveillance, and community organizing are components of community-focused and population-based interventions of the wheel (VCU School of Nursing, 2009). Summary Significance.

In the end, perhaps the greatest thing that this assignment has taught me is that every member of the community has the power to change the community’s future — and that although the community nurse holds a certain amount of authority, it is still the collective efforts of the community that ensures the success of interventions, as well as the health of all. Nursing Practice. This assignment has enlightened me on the real role of the community nurse: to enable the community to become independent leaders of their care.

Thus, rather than emphasize the nurse’s authority, future interventions should instead focus on empowering and building the capabilities of the community in order to achieve the much-desired health for all. References Chen, N. (2010, August 17). Parents, teachers fight whooping cough outbreak as school starts . Retrieved August 18, 2010, from KSBY News: http://www. ksby. com/news/parents-teachers-fight-whooping-cough-outbreak-as-school-starts/ Center for Disease Control. (2010). Pertussis (Whooping Cough) – What You Need to Know.

Retrieved July 21, 2010, from http://www. cdc. gov/features/pertussis/ Free Dictionary. (2008). Health Education. Retrieved August 2010, 2010, from The Free Dictionary: http://medical-dictionary. thefreedictionary. com/health+education Kozier et al. (2006). Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts, Process and Practice. Jurong: Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd. Minnesota Department of Health. (2006, June). Wheel of Public Health Interventions: A Collection of “Getting Behind the Wheel” Stories 2000-2006. MDH/Public Health Nursing Newsletter , pp. 3-4, 19-21, 32. Russ, M. (2010, July).

Whooping Cough is Now an Epidemic in California. KPBS [Online] , p. n. p. Tucker, B. (2010, July 29). San Luis Obispo County to offer free Whoping Cough vaccines in August. Retrieved August 2, 2010, from KSBY News: http://www. ksby. com/news/san-luis-obispo-co-to-offer-free-whooping-cough-vaccines-in-august/ VCU School of Nursing. (2009). Wheel of Public Health Interventions. Retrieved August 18, 2010, from VCU School of Nursing: http://www. people. vcu. edu/~elmiles/interventions/

In 2009, there were only two cases of pertussis or whooping cough recorded in California’s county of San Luis Obispo. However, from two cases, this number or statistic skyrocketed to 193 cases of pertussis by the end of June 2010. …

Community organizing involves the creation of networks and partnerships that assist the community in dealing with health problems (Minnesota Department of Health, 2006). Community organizing primarily includes the creation of a core group in the community through coalitions with parents, …

 Pertussis or whooping cough is a medical condition wherein the body’s respiratory capabilities are diminished due to the irritating effects of the pertussis bacteria toxin and inflammation of the respiratory tract mucosa. A perinneal condition with a previously low prevalence …

Studies have shown that some type of regular physical activity can greatly reduce the cause for most cases of death which means exercise has many healthy benefits. A habit of some type of physical activity at least three times a …

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