What the future holds for human health care

As mentioned earlier, developments are carefully laid down be medical experts today in preparation for future health care demands. Indeed, this promise of developments show that as information on health hazards and the effects of stress on human health, many people would have the chances of  taking great changes in the way they live. And as years of further modernization approaches this generation, medical treatments are indeed expected to meet the needs of and demands of human civilization.

Technology may have offered many health hazards to human life. But it cannot be denied that it is also because of technology that medical advancements have been possible of existing. In the future, these technological advancements are expected to give better ease to human health care. Along with this, the wise choice of the people should be considered when it comes to obtaining the modernized forms of medication. In the end, it all depends on a person’s own personal decision. Conclusion.

Within the discussion of healthcare presented herein, it could be noted that the importance of health is indeed undeniably affecting the lives of the people within the society. This is the reason why there are numerous efforts that the governments and several institutions around the world actually try to increase their capability in handling the said health issues. William McNeil is an author known for his knowledge of the biological field of diseases as well as the herbal remedies that are still being practiced in the present.

The emergence of new medicine has made it possible for new medical innovations to occur, however, the herbal remedies continue to receive certain popularity among people up until the present era. Regarding this issue, McNeil’s enthusiasm in the said topic is a certainty that made it possible for him to come up with the fascinating historical account of the Black Death. Plague is a serious situation that the society usually deals with today.

It could refer to a situation that is resulted by a bacterium that occurs in bubonic and pneumonic form, which is famously known as the Black Death. In addition, plagues are also highly considered  to be significant source of social panic and distress varying from its stages namely its preexistence, outbreak, and its aftermath. Because of this, the book entitled Plagues and People by William Mc Neill focused its research and study regarding the history and impact of the different diseases that are spreading throughout the world and the reaction of the human civilization towards it.

Among the diseases discussed in this book are the diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox/ shingles, mumps, cholera, typhus, malaria, leprosy, yellow fever, sleeping sickness, tuberculosis, schistomiasis, yaws, syphilis, poliomyelitis, and various parasites such as blood flukes and others. In addition to the previously mentioned topics, Mc Neill also covered some subjects that are also related to health and diseases such as the existence of modern doctors, ways on how to deal with the germ theory of diseases and the existence of different kinds of vaccines on how to cure diseases.

In the book of McNeil, most of his ideas and research efforts are focused on the topic of the Black Death and the factual evidences regarding this major historical issue. The epidemic of Black Death first spread in Europe during the period of 1346-1350 where its catastrophic impact continued until the succeeding years.. Many people in Europe suffered and died in this incident because of their unhygienic lifestyles, moral decay and depression, deterioration of the social system and the significant collapse of their health support systems.

Every single day in the said period, people are always doubtful about their safety, as they feared of being infected of the different kinds of diseases. Many years has passed yet diseases as well as viruses still remains to be connected with people’s lives. Although scientific explanations cannot intrinsically rationalize the most critical details of the issue, scientist, professors as well as the local government officials are still trying to determine the best way on how to prevent the continuing existence and possible outbreak of diseases.

Even the invention and innovations of high-class health-support machines and distributing clinically based vaccines cannot ensure the present and future annihilation of the possibility of health disease in the world. In addition, McNeil also stated that even the earthly possessions and wealth in this society cannot concrete ensure the eradication of the disease in the world though only promote the strength of one’s resistance and immunity. However, this idea does not mean that one can totally evade the possibility of being infected and worst, even killed by the threat of biological epidemic and plagues.

In a steady annual basis, the world population is continuously increasing thus, many diseases and plaques caused by bacteria are constantly being discovered by the experts in the field of health and medicine. The main thesis in book Plagues and People by McNeill is that diseases and viruses are part of the community. Although there is the existence of several advanced machines for treating the needs of the patients, it could not be denied that the demand for the system of health and healing in the society has also been significantly increased tipping the scale of balance to an adverse position.

Innovated machines along with technological advancement in the science of health and medicine can positively manipulate the situation however, the resurgent of the diseases and its threats to the society  cannot still be eradicated completely in the concerns of the field of science. As the years progressed with significant advancements, it is considerably noticeable that the spread and likeness of disease and health sickness is affected by the stress and emotional problems acquired through the activities of the society.

Hence, as McNeil also presented in his book, the society’s insurgent challenges and threats in their health and sanitation can also be attributed to the stress-prone lifestyles of the people in the present adversely influencing their health and immunity The present political systems, concerned social institutions as well as the United Nations organization are combining their efforts and resources to expound the present knowledge of the field of medicine regarding the prevention of communicable diseases.

The vocabulary and classifications of communicable diseases caused by viruses and bacteria are constantly increasing thus, the efforts in innovating and advancing ways to combat these adverse threats must be increased likewise. Indeed, the modern society is engaged in a continuous quest to update their health defenses and increase their immunity for the diseases to prevent a possibility of a wide-scale disease outbreak like the ones that occurred in the past.

Certainly, man has learn his lessons from his negative experiences enabling the society in general to grow and become a civilization equipped with medicinal innovations, advancement and wide knowledge to defend themselves against the threats of another possible plague.

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