What can you do to improve the CHC system?

The health care system of Canada consists of a group of mixed health insurance plans. The coverage of the Canada’s health care system is for all the Canadian people. The guidelines of the funding of the health care system of Canada are handled by the Federal government. Funds that sustain the health care system of Canada are coming from a single source, and it is considered a public one. All Canadian citizens are entitled to medical services covered by the health care system.

These services include the defensive care against illness and medical treatments. Treatments are administered by primary physicians in each of the public hospitals in Canada. The right to entry in a hospital, dental surgery acquiring and many other services pertaining to medical are also included in the health care system of Canada (Canadian Health Care, 2004). On the average, a family I Canada is paying a forty eight percent of tax annually to help fund the health care system.

Every province differs a bit from the tax but in Ontario, the most populous city, every family is paying a forty percent of income tax for the health care system. This is according to the report of the Canadian Taxpayer Association. Most of the critics of the health care system of Canada often tell that it is now broke unlike the early time that it is properly funded. The only thing a nurse can do about the problem in the funding and the lack of proper management and coordination in the health care system Canada is to be of help to make a new sustainable plan of how this problems to be solved.

Having a concrete long term plan that will sustain the management of the health care system in the future will be of great help even in the spending procedures of the system. It was stated in one of the speeches of Allan Rock, the Minister of Health that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance are both willing to let the Government of Canada do its share to improve the funding of the healthcare system.

It is indeed emphasized in the report that if it is “money’ that is need to improve the health care system, then the government is willing to give its share.

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