We All Walk in Different Shoes

“We all walk in different shoes”, is the motto of an ad that is used for baldisbeautiful. org & KennethCole. com of Sharon Blynn writer, actor and founder of Bald is Beautiful. org and it is also an advertisement for Kenneth Cole (American clothing designer) clothing line. The advertisement for both the clothing line and the bald is beautiful. org was in Sunday papers in 2008. American clothing designer Kenneth Cole uses his socially conscious advertising to challenge consumers to examine their assumptions.

He is also the author of Inspiring Stories about How to Make a Difference; a book that was wrote to encourage consumers to work for social change. Sharon Blynn (writer, actor, and founder baldisbeautiful. org) is used for Kenneth Cole’s ad because she has taken the step to let women try to find the beauty and joy in the road ahead in the battle of the ovarian cancer that they may be facing. This ad (We all walk in different shoes) is also in our textbook (everything’s an argument) the ad is used as an example in making a visual argument.

The ad (We all walk in different shoes) is targeted to many women in a few different categories such as looking for the latest line of clothing , or if they are facing the battle of ovarian cancer. This ad (We all walk in different shoes) portrays a beautiful happy woman with a big smile on her face, she has her head shaved bald, dressed in a the latest style of a black casual outfit with the latest style of shoes. Many people when they see an ad like this they are thinking, “What is a beautiful woman like this doing with her head shaved?

” Many times the media will use an ad such as Sharon’s that is portraying a bald, happy woman to get the attention of many different viewers. The nature of humans is to look and immediately make a judgment of the picture that is portraying before them. We all need to look at the title of the ad “We all walk in different shoes,” and see the true meaning in it. We all do walk in different shoes in our lives as individuals, no one person can walk in the same shoes that you do.

The ad (We all walk in different shoes) of Sharon (founder of baldisbeautiful.org) is wanting to show people the beauty in her baldness and not the devastating life threatening change she had in her life that she faced with the treatments for her disease. Many ads for advertisement are of women with long beautiful hair and we see our hair as the point of how we look and how we appear to others. If a woman is a facing a disease such as cancer, and was told by their doctor that they will have to take treatments such as chemotherapy , the first thing that comes to mind is I am going to die and then the next one is I am going to lose my hair.

Sharon portrays in this ad (We all walk in different shoes) that there is hope for the fight of cancer and there is beauty in the baldness that comes with the treatments caused by cancer. When Sharon (founder of baldisbeautiful. org) was 28 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it was a devastating life altering moment for her as it would be for anyone. She had to face three years of treatments and even though she has been cancer free for eight years she still portray her baldness for the many women that are facing these life threatening challenges.

In 2003, she created bald is beautiful . org to redefine beauty and dispel the loss of her hair from cancer. The premise of Bald is beautiful ad(We All Walk In Different Shoes) is an opportunity for the media to show all woman an image that is positive and empowering and could make numerous people feel better at a time in their lives when they really need the support. Many woman when they face this disease they only look at the predominance of negative in Ads, TV, film, commercials, fashion and beauty magazines.

These images often make women feel worse than they already feel when their body changes, temporarily or permanently, due to a health journey like cancer. Sharon’s hope from this ad (We all walk in different shoes) is for all women to find a moment of joy, kernel of hope, the inspiration to try something they had not thought of before, and for it be a success at it. I believe this ad (We all walk in different shoes) is a very emotional piece for many women that face this disease or any disease of cancer of this matter.

We need to look at it and analyze the beauty in her (Sharon) and the fight that she has won with the disease that takes the lives of so many women. If we can only hang on to the hope that she portrays us through her ad (We all walk in different shoes) and a positive step for the many woman that has to face the fact of being or becoming bald due to the chemotherapy treatments and let them see the beauty that is in it. Through her ad (We all walk in different shoes), she is trying to let women know that outer beauty is just a look and the inner beauty is the key to all the success that they can portray in their lives.

So therefore, Sharon is trying to let women know that with the loss of their hair they can still be the beautiful person that they were before even though their looks has changed. Although they have changed on the outside, the person that they were on the inside is still there. If people see this happy, pretty, smiling bald woman in the mainstream of the media in this ad (We all walk in different shoes), they will at least have a positive reference of what this look can mean for themselves and how they can find the joy within the painful experience.

Sharon wants all her viewers of her ad (We all walk in different shoes) to know that many people go through this journey on their own. In addition, I encourage them to open their eyes and hearts and be willing to reach out to find the support network that is truly available to all of us, often from the most unexpected people and places. Then this brings us to the title of the ad “We all walk in different shoes,” and we really do. Bald is beautiful. Org—– http://baldisbeautiful. org/ Thewomanseye. com Kenneth Cole . com Everything’s an argument (page 622).

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