Visual impairment

This is a partial or total loss of sight without pathology of the eye; caused by disease of optic nerve or retina or brain. The article is a good one and has been used to help the teachers of the students with visual impairment and to give them the strategies for handling them in class and other activities (Carim, 2006) There are two main functional categories of visual impairments: Low Vision and Blind. In low vision students usually are print users, but may require special equipment and materials.

The definition of legal blindness covers a broad spectrum of visual impairments. (Carim, 2006) The extent of visual disability depends upon the physical sensory impairment of the student’s eyes, the age of the student at the onset of vision impairment, and the way in which that impairment occurred. Vision also may fluctuate or may b e influenced by factors such as inappropriate lighting, light glare, or fatigue. Hence, there is no “typical” vision impaired student.

The major challenge facing visually impaired students in the science educational environment is the overwhelming mass o f visual material to which they are continually exposed as. , textbooks, class outlines, class schedules, chalkboards writing, and many more In addition, the increase in the use of films, videotapes, computers, laser disks, and television adds to the volume of visual material to which they have only limited access.

To assist in overcoming a students’ visual limitation requires unique and individual strategies based on that student’s particular visual impairment and his/her skill of communication e. g. Braille and speed listening. There are a number of courtesy that the teachers must observe while handling the students with this problem, the teachers must ensure that they call the students by name especially when he needs their attention, the teachers must always Use descriptive words such as straight, forward, left, etc.

in relation to the student’s body orientation. Be specific in directions and avoid the use of vague terms with unusable information, such as “over there”, “here”, “this” and the teachers must describe in detail, pertinent visual occurrences of the learning activities. (Carim, 2006) Teachers were also advised to describe and tactually familiarize the student to the classroom, laboratory, equipment, supplies, materials and field sites.

It is also advisable as a teacher to identify themselves by name, and never to assume that the student who is visually impaired will recognize you by your voice even though you have met before. (Carim, 2006) This journal article advised teachers on how to offer their services better and on ways of treating visually impaired students to never feel neglected.


Carim Lara (2006), New Journal to Support Visually Impaired student. University College London – Gower Street – London. News-articles/0612/06121501

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