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Methods to prevent meat infestation in a canteen or a home kitchen and even in the meat canning and storing area to in order to prevent diseases and food poisoning and promote hygiene and healthy lifestyle. Veterinary Public Health Bluebottle larvae are hatched from the eggs in a day and develop into flies in a week. They are parasites and breed on dead animals and decaying matters. (FCPS; n. d)Hence are a source of many diseases and these diseases are transmitted to human once they land on the food and are not likely to be cooked or washed away.

(The-piedpiper; n. d) Treatment Steps to be taken to prevent the major infestation by the bluebottle larvae: 1. Maintain hygienic environment is the factory: a. The outside area of the factory should also be neat and cleaning and should be regularly sprayed with the fly-spray. b. Keep the meat canning factory clean, getting in swiped regularly with a disinfectant that is as many time a day as necessary. c. The tube-lights, the fans should be wiped clean of any trace of dust or any particle. d.

Ensure the worker are bathed, and are wearing fresh clothes, so that they do not carry the larvae with them. e. The worker should wear gloves while handling the meat. f. The machine in which the meat is processed should be regularly cleaned rather than continuously using it and packaging meat without treating the machines. g. The kitchen and the utensils in which the food is being cooked should also be clean and the chopping board for meat and poultry should be kept separate from chopping other things. (Caring4cancer, n. d. ) (Kidshealth; n. d. ) 2.

Sanitation – Dispose of the garbage within the factory to prevent bluebottle larvae from developing as they are attracted to garbage and keep the garbage can clean. (IDPH, n. d. ) 3. Inspection – All possible areas where larvae and flies can breed needs to be inspected as well as their source of getting in. 4. Exclusion – best way is to not let them enter the premises by: a. Having all inlets within the factory to prevent the flies from getting in, especially all broken window and glasses on the doors should be mended and replaced, the vent being sealed.

b. Automatic doors should be replaced with the manual ones so that the door is not open when it is not required to be. (IDPH; n. d. ) c. Having blow-away curtains installed to prevent the entry. d. Having an air-conditioned environment and the freezer temperature should be around fifty-five to sixty degree Fahrenheit. (CA; n. d. ) 5. Use ultra-violet lights which acts as a fly trap. 6. The factory should buy fresh, frozen meat and transport it from the seller to the factory in a freezer-van to prevent any micro-organisms from developing.

7. The meat should be processed and canned immediately as it arrives to reduce the chance of it being contaminated. (Fedupwithfoodadditives; n. d. ) 8. It should be well covered while it is bought, being transported and when stored again by netting or a towel to prevent flies from landing on it. (Biltongmakers, n. d. ) 9. The meat should also be kept dry because pests require relatively high humidity to develop and thrive. 10.

If the meat has been kept unattended for several hours it would develop larvae on it instantaneously, that meat should be thrown away rather than being cooked as it is not just a decayed raw meat which contains parasites but will cause disease and food poisoning to those who eat it after it has been cooked. (Canfightbac; n. d. ) (Veterinary-public-health; n. d. ) 11. The raw meat and the cooked meat should not be cooked together as it will cause one meat from being under-cooked and the other from being over-cooked, resulting in increasing the chances for larvae’s breeding and development.

Conclusion Therefore in order to prevent the contamination and infestation proper hygiene, sanitation and all possible way of cleanliness are necessary to eat and provide healthy fresh food to the customers, workers and family members. ?


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