Vaccination and autism

The link between the MMR vaccination and autism When did the link between MMR and autism occur? The theory came around when Dr Andrew Wakefield: of the Royal free hospital suggested that common childhood vaccine may be linked with autism and cause an intestinal disorder. He claimed that the combination of the three virus strains may overload the body’s immune system and cause the bowel disorder to develop. (Source http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/uk/60510. stm) DR ANDREW WAKEFIELD. Vaccines ‘should be given separately’

Other members of the team have questioned the connection, but Dr Wakefield claims that until further research is done to determine whether there is a link between the disease and the MMR vaccine, the jab should be given in three separate doses spaced by at least one year. However, he stressed the importance of children being immunized against the diseases, particularly measles. Dr Wakefield, a reader in experimental gastroenterology, said: “This is a genuinely new syndrome and urgent further research is needed to determine whether MMR may give rise to this complication in a small number of people.

“For the vast majority of children the MMR vaccine is fine, but I believe there are sufficient anxieties for a case to be made to administer the three vacations separately. Trials ‘insufficient’ “I do not think that the long-term safety trials of MMR are sufficient for giving the three vaccines together. ” His colleague Professor Roy Ponder, who admitted the study, was controversial, added: “In hindsight it may be a better solution to give the vaccinations separately, although administratively it is a wonderful idea.

“When the vaccinations were given individually there was no problem. ” Research to determine the link between the syndrome and the MMR vaccine is currently under way. The team will meet the chief medical officer, who has already called for an independent review, at the end of March to discuss the vaccination. The article suggests the link between MMR and autism this is what caused the concern. DR Wakefield’s studies aren’t good enough to prove the link between MMR and autism, further research not his claims prove him wrong.

However his claim that there is a link should not be discarded he obviously has found a cause of concern and it may or may not be the truth. But it is a fact and it can benefit many people that have been affected with autism. But diseases like measles are to dangerous to not be immunized. This particular graph shows the number of people with autism both before and after the MMR vaccination was introduced. From the time the vaccine was introduced the rate of the number of people with Autism diseases has risen quite considerably.

This is not sufficient enough evidence to be 100% sure that this is the case. As no real breakthrough has been made it is difficult to say for certain that the MMR vaccine has caused the rise in Autism disease. The debate for autism against MMR has been feuding up for a long time. The BBC website explicitly states there is no link. ‘Scientists say they have strong evidence that the MMR vaccination is not linked to a rise in Autism’. New scientist reports show that the autism rate kept rising after the withdrawal of MMR.

‘Its “rubbish” the link between MMR and a general rise in autism. ‘ They say that the increase in Autism mirrors the introduction of the MMR. But can this not just be coincidence? Why is the fact that a vaccine is linked to autism being considered? If giving millions of people a vaccine, to protect them against a widespread disease, is for their benefit, by isolating any outbreaks. Nobody really is sure about what the exact cause of autism is. Okay, I have weighed both sides of the argument.

I have come to the conclusion that your child should have the MMR vaccination! Why? Simple it protects them against MUMPS, MEASELS AND RUBELLA. It puts them out of risk of any potentially dangerous outbreaks, and I am happy enough with the research I have obtained to say that there is no link between MMR and autism. It seems to have been a small concern that has now been outweighed with research from scientists around the world.

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