Urinalysis Case Studies

Patient Background: Mickey River is a 27 years old female Native American. Her chief complaint is fatigue and malaise. She states she is “tired and hungry and thirsty all of the time” no matter how much she eats or drinks. She has significantly increased her food intake, but has lost 10 pounds in the last two months. She also complains of dizziness, blurred vision, and an awkward feeling of numbness in her right foot. Her physical exam revealed the following: Her blood pressure is normal. Her temperature is normal. Her pulse is normal. Her respiratory rate is elevated. Lab Values: see table in learning module

1. List the abnormal symptoms or conditions the patient is exhibiting a. Fatigue, malaise, dizziness, blurred vision, numbness in the right foot, weight loss, respiratory rate elevated

2. List any abnormal lab values the patient has Acidosis, glucose in uring, ketones in urine, and slightly higher specificity gravity

3. Explain the cause of each abnormal lab value Acidosis is from excess production of organic acids, glucose- is not being filtered and reabsorbed, ketones – beta oxidation, large amounts in blood, cant process glucose, specificity of gravity – more solid then urine being produced

4. Explain the cause of each abnormal symptom or condition The symptoms fatigue, thirst, blurred vision and numbness are all symptoms caused by the inability of the pancreas to create insulin and process glucose, without the insulin the body begins to think you are starving which breaks down the fat and causes the weight loss, the thirst is caused by the body attempting to rid itself of the excess urine and causes dehydration and thirst, the dizziness is due to the over production of insulin and inability to be processed properly, numbness is caused by the interference of the brains information to process nerve signals.

5. List the probable etiology (overall cause) behind the person’s condition a. This person most likely has diabetes 1 given their symptoms Urinalysis Case Study 2 Patient Background: Chris Runner is a 17 year old male athlete. He is on the varsity high school football team. His coach, thinking he might have the flu, urged him to come to the clinic. Chris has been complaining of low back pain and nausea since the last game three days ago. Besides a sprained wrist and pinky finger that was treated the night of the game, he has no other complaints. His physical exam revealed the following: His blood pressure is normal. His temperature is normal. His pulse is normal. His respiratory rate is normal. Lab Values: see instructions to run urinalysis

6. List the abnormal symptoms or conditions the patient is exhibiting a. Low back pain, nausea

7. List any abnormal lab values the patient has a. Reddish brown urine, cloudy, 250 Ery/ul blood in urine, 50 ery/Ul hemoglobin, high specificity gravity

8. Explain the cause of each abnormal lab value a. Cloudy can be caused by bacterial growth, color can be cause by trauma and the blood in the urine, blood in the urine is caused trauma, hemoglobin is due to hemolysis, lysing the red blood cells, and the concentration would be raised due to poor filtration and more solid then urine

9. Explain the cause of each abnormal symptom or condition Low back can be caused by the stones being logged at the deposits break off also can have sharp edges, nausea is caused by the inability for continued peristalsis and limited bladder production

10. List the probable etiology (overall cause) behind the person’s condition.

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