Universal Health Care

The healthcare cost in the United States is becoming excessive and people are unable to afford or obtain any type of healthcare. It cannot be denied that there is something wrong with the system today. The rate of the uninsured and underinsured is rising every year. Not having health coverage leads to 18,000 deaths a year. A Universal Health Care system is to ensure that all residents, regardless of their position in life, maintain coverage in the event of injury or the need to pursue a general practitioner.

This type of system would increase taxpayer dollars, burden the government when funding is not available, cut funds from certain programs, and increase the number of patients to each nurse. The United States is an industrialized nation that has widely funded healthcare system. A Universal healthcare system could hinder or benefit the financial system in the United States. In addition to these growing concerns is the growing number of unsatisfied Americans.

From the perspective of the pros, the main advantage of implementing a Universal Health Care Program would be the standardization of medical costs which in turn results in better health care for more people. The treatment of patients would no longer be viewed as something commercial, as it has over the years, but rather as the noble profession that it really is. There is a need for the United States Government to ensure the health and safety of its citizens. Amid the rising medical expenses and insurance premiums costs, the only other alternative remains to be the Universal Health Care Program.

Alternatively, it has also been shown that while the Universal Health Care Program may present the solution that many are looking for on the healthcare issue, it may also cause more problems for Americans. The reason for this is that while it may seem like the ideal system there has been no suggestion yet on how to fund the implementation of such a plan. As shown in the arguments against Universal Health Care Program, there are no funds to cover the implementation of these plans on such a wide scale. This would also mean that all the homeless and non-contributors to society would be living off the payments and tax dollars of others.

This inequity resulting from the lack of solid funding is one of the major reasons why a Universal Health Care Program should not be implemented in the United States. The real solution to this problem lies in implementation. As shown by both sides, a Universal Health Care Program is indeed an ideal system that would benefit a number of Americans. On the other hand, the costs of such make the plan difficult to execute. The key therefore lies in being to find a way to implement the Universal Health Care Program in an efficient manner.

America’s healthcare system would certainly be taking it to the next level if it could successfully implement this plan.


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