Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Traditional Chinese medicine is a wide range of medicine practices sharing common concepts. It has been developed in China and is based on a tradition of more than 2,000 years. Various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage exercise, and dietary therapies are included. ”(From Wikipedia) Traditional Chinese medicine has been widely acknowledged and is different from modern medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine develops slowly now. The model of thinking in traditional Chinese medicine is incompatible with modern science originated in Europe.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Western science face almost irreconcilable differences. People believe in science. Traditional Chinese medicine can not be explained by science. Some people do believe traditional Chinese medicine is useful. “Zhang Gong-yao, from the Central South University in Changsha, Hunan, published an article in a Chinese journal calling traditional Chinese medicine a pseudoscience that should be banished from public healthcare and research. The article caused uproar in the country. ”(Jane Qiu. Traditional medicine: A culture in the balance.

Nature 448, 126-128 (12 July 2007) | doi:10.1038/448126a; Published online 11 July 2007) “Traditional Chinese medicine is based on Yinyangism (i. e. , the combination of Five Phases theory with Yin-yang theory) which was later absorbed by Daoism. “(Traditional Chinese Medicine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) It is different from modern western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine theory developed over 2000 years. It is used for a long time and some diseases are cured by it. The researches of World Health Organization confirms that acupuncture is effective in reducing post-operative pain, nausea of pregnancy, nausea caused by chemotherapy and vomiting arising, dental pain.

But data showed ambiguous or controversial on treating chronic pain, back pain and headache Traditional Chinese medicine uses a variety of products to treat diseases. Scientists have extracted active ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine and test them to confirm that it useful to treat illnesses such as artemisinin for malaria. But some of traditional Chinese medicine can not be find out the active ingredients of it. Traditional Chinese medicine has its early and modern experimental methods to find out the application of Chinese medicine such as using tongue to taste medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is scientific. Though we can not explain some of phenomenon of it now, more researches will be done to study it. There are some differences between traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine. The differences are so large that the way of treating same illness is almost completely different between traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine. Whether traditional Chinese medicine is better than modern western medicine? People argue about the question and can not have a definitive answer.

Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to regulate human’ bodies so that human’ bodies are kept at a good state. Human beings are less likely to get sick. Though modern western medicine can treat illnesses, it can not compare with traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention of diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine can discover symptoms of the disease opportunely before people feel unwell. Modern western medicine can not do it. Traditional Chinese medicine finds out the root causes of illness and treats it from the fundamental to return the body to normal.

The doctors of traditional Chinese medicine treat a disease and decide what treatment is used according to exhaustive analysis of disease not just only the surface symptoms. But more time are used to treat diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. Modern western medicine can treat illness quickly. Modern western medicine clearly identifies common illnesses. Patients understand patient’s condition easily under the doctor’s interpretation. Symptomatic drugs become effective quickly. Drugs of modern western medicine are taken easier. Both of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine is important.

None of them is better than other one. If traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine are combined to treat illnesses, some incurable diseases are more likely to be treated. Inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine is more and more difficult now. Some people do not believe traditional Chinese medicine can cure disease effectively. More and more people like to treat their illness with Western medicine treatment. More and more doctor choice to learn modern western medicine. Modern western medicine is easier to learn and use. People who learn modern western medicine is more likely to become an expert.

They can earn more money after becoming an expert. As a result of it, fewer and fewer people choice to learn traditional Chinese medicine. In order to train more physician of traditional Chinese medicine, the education method of traditional Chinese medicine is changed. The traditional education method of traditional Chinese medicine is one teacher teach few apprentices for a long time. Teachers teach more students in college of traditional Chinese medicine nowadays. Student is easier to learn traditional Chinese medicine and can become a physician of traditional Chinese medicine after graduate from college.

And some outstanding persons of graduates can choice to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine and choice to inherit some sects of traditional Chinese medicine. But college education focuses on the teaching of foreign languages, computers, plant chemistry, anatomy and other courses. Physical and chemical knowledge and western theory is growing proportion. Chinese (ancient Chinese), traditional Chinese medicine theory (TCM classics) and other occupy a small proportion and require of them is low. It violates the law of Chinese medicine education.

It is difficult to nurture Chinese medicine professionals of loving medicine career who has a profound Chinese traditional culture and rich experience in clinical practice. The education should combine tradition education with college education to train more qualified physician. There are many laws were made to regulate the traditional Chinese medicine industry. Whether laws are benefit for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. National laws and regulations are the fundamental basis and guarantees for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. People know the rules of traditional Chinese medicine through the laws.

They know doctor obey rules and believe doctor. More people will receive traditional Chinese medicine and would like to choice it to treat their illnesses. Doctors obey the laws and regulations to treat patients can reduce the risk of occurring medical malpractice. The drugs are produced in accordance with regulations can make sure the pharmacodynamics of them. But there are some defects of making laws and regulations. Some laws are unsuitable for traditional Chinese medicine. TCM doctors always attached importance to use autonomous pellets and paste to treat patient.

Though the treatment is effective, it violates the law. The treatment is forbidden. Folk medicine is a force to the revitalization of Chinese medicine. Folk medicine has a skill and master stunt therapy. But they is unable to obtain a legally qualified to practice according to the law. Laws and regulations are beneficial to development of traditional Chinese medicine but they should be made suitably according the actual situation. Traditional Chinese medicine is the wealth of the medical field. It is weaker than western medicine treatment now. We should try our best to develop it.

We can enjoy more benefits from traditional Chinese medicine. References WWW Traditional Chinese Medicine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Available from: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Traditional_Chinese_medicine TAO YAN. Difficulties of Inheritance and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Available from: http://journal. 9med. net/html/qikan/zgyx/zgzyyxxzz/20086156/ztlt/20100114104327703_501016. html JOURNAL ARTICLES Jane Qiu. Traditional medicine: A culture in the balance. Nature 448, 126-128 (12 July 2007) | doi:10. 1038/448126a; Published online 11 July 2007.

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Although it seems like a new health treatment in America, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been around for centuries. It is based on a classic published in the third century, B. C. , entitled Nei Jing, or The Yellow Emperor’s …

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