The start of the training

At the start of the training, I rate my self as an intermediate netball player. When I started my training, I gave my self one-minute break to rest after each session. As I went along the training, I decrease the resting time. This was good in a way, because my body was getting use to the activity; my level of fitness was increasing gradually. It was also a challenging training exercise, and made helped me concentrate on the training more than anything else make.

Whilst doing my exercise I made sure that I exercise in order of muscle, starting from head to toe, also I made sure that a muscle was not to be put in action more than once in a row. For example if I was exercising my abdominals, by doing sit-ups, then I made sure the next exercise followed wasn’t the same exercise, but different one that was concentrating on a different muscle. Because I wanted to improve my stamina, agility, speed and flexibility, I chose activities that were required if I was to play netball game. For example, the activity that I chose was press-ups to improve my arms and whole body strength, sit-ups to improve strength and endurance of my abdominal muscles. These activities and many more are specific to netball game

Before planning my personal exercise plan, I made sure that I carried out the principles of training, which is S.P.O.R.T Specific While I was planning my circuit, I explained that I wanted to improve speed and agility, stamina, and flexibility, so I should be stretching big muscles groups such as hamstring, quadriceps, groin, calves, back, arms, and shoulders. This is because a netball player needs to improve their S.P.O.R.T if they were to become successful in netball. Therefore, I chose activities such as shuttle run, press-ups, and sit-ups

Progression I carried out progression in my circuit this is because so I can increase my level of fitness gradually. By increasing the time, I spent in each circuit training. For example, the first circuit training I am doing will have eight different stations, but the time will all be the same, with 45 seconds spent on each station. However, the next circuit training that will have the same amount of stations, but the time will increase gradually. In addition, I decreased the amount of rest time before each activity. Allowing my body and my muscles to get used to the amount of physical activity necessary. My Result table show me that I have improved my fitness level slowly and gradually.

Overload Because I needed to work harder than usually, I overload my body system whilst carrying out my circuit. I did this by decreasing the amount of rest time before each activity. This led me into having less time to recover from my previous activity. Therefore, I motivated myself to work harder, and my body gradually adopted extra work Reversibility I can only achieve reversibility if I carry on with my exercise after this project is finished. Tedium During my exercise training, I did not get bored. Reason being I made sure that I had challenging with several of different exercises. This prevented me from getting bored, also because the time in each station that I carry out my exercise is short; this also prevented me getting bored.

Before carrying out my exercise plan, I decided to carry out different types of exercises that are particular to netball, so I decided to have three specifically netball related exercises (stations) and three other exercises that will improve my level of fitness over all and in particular areas. Evaluation on my Performance During my exercise sessions, I used the principle S.P.O.R.T and F.I.T.T. Even so, my result showed me that in my fourth session I did not improve much, in fact I did not improve my skilled related exercises at all in that week. However, I increased some of my other exercises, but not a lot. I think this happened because as I mentioned it before, that I was not concentrating probably, and it was raining on that day. Nevertheless, I increased the amount of repetition in my next circuit training, and decreased the amount of rest time before each station. This proves that, even though I had less time to recover, still I motivated myself to work harder in order to improve my level of fitness.

I think the activities that I chose were appropriate to my exercise plan. The reason is that as I said I wanted to improve my speed, agility, and stamina, the reason why I want to improve these is that because netball requires agility, speed, and stamina to be a successful player you have to meet these required. For example, I chose shuttle run as one of my activity, because shuttle run improves agility, and stamina. I also chose press-ups and sit-ups; they both help me increase my strength in my arm and abdominals.

My diagram shows that my circuit training was easy to manage, because I did not have any heavy equipment to set up. Every time I started to do my circuit training, I made sure that the area I was using clean and nothing that will cause an injury or prevent me carrying out my training about. In addition, I made that whilst I’m doing my training someone else time me with stop watch.

My warm up was in correct order, starting from my head to toes; also, my circuit was in correct order, so the same muscles were not in action for more than one activity in a row.

I enjoyed carrying out my circuit training once I was use the intervals. The best thing I liked about this circuit training was the fact that I had variety of activities to do, and not once did I get bored. However, I didn’t like the idea of shortening the rest periods after each session because I felt tired and out of breath. In addition, my muscles felt sore, especially in the first few sessions. Nevertheless, that showed me that I was just working harder and muscles were getting use to the training.

Evaluation of Monitoring The activities I chose for this training was the correct ones to do, because at the beginning of my PEP I decided to improve certain physical fitness, (e.g. strength, speed, flexibility, and agility) and the game I chose to improve (netball) both match. My exercises were in appropriate order, starting from head to toe, even when I was doing my warm-up, I did in correct order, from head to toe. This was needed because I didn’t want to stretch any muscles during my training also because is a fair way of training. During my training exercises, I made one change to my circuit plan, which was the amount of ret time decreasing. I did that because so I had little rest and my body got used to it eventually.

The best thing about my circuit training was, I enjoyed the activities, and every week I was looking forward to do them. However because my rest time shorten after each session, I felt tired and out of breath, my muscles felt sore. Nevertheless, I kept on going, knowing that my muscles were working harder, and the fact that shortening the rest time was good in a way because that meant my training got more challenging as I went along, and was helping me get fitter. The result that I got was good I said this because I didn’t think I was going to do that good because get bored easily in the first two sessions, but as my rest time shorten I was not bored anymore, reason being I had more challenging circuit than before. In other words, I had same sessions with less amount of time to recover.

Final evaluation: Over all I thought I worked well by my self and with others. I worked by my self when I was doing the first four stations then I worked with a partner for the last four stations. I also thought that I improve my level of fitness over all and I improve my skills in netball, because as my results table show that I have improved fitness level, also if you compare my pre-test to my post-test, you will see the difference. For example, did 23 press-ups in one minute during my pre-test; however, I did 31 press-ups in one minute during my post-test. This proves that my strength have in increased, especially in my arm. In addition, my recovery rates have decreased dramatically.

My next target is to join the year netball team. I also notice that I can last in a game much longer and I am lot faster then before. In the court, I also feel more confident now I can play with my opponent in fair, and I like to take the lead in games. For each session, I record my heartbeat, and below there is the graph. The first session my heart beat was 70 and it increased each sessions up to session four where it start to decrease, and then it increase again. I think this happened because session four, I was not concentrate probably and was not wearing correct PE kit, This limited my movement and therefore causes my circuit training to be slower then the rest of my other circuit training.

In the first training session, I worked very hard and did not pace my self at all, causing me to feel muscle pain and sore after the session. However, my next session was different, because I had an experience so I paced myself and knew when to slow down and when to work faster In addition, my circuit was safe because I did not injure myself during the training sessions and I used the equipment safely. I learn many things from the training like how important it is warm-up before a game and cool down after a game, because I did not use to pay much attention before.

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