The constant responsibility of the government to care for the people’s health

More than anybody else, the people belonging to the remote areas are the ones highly in need of the service of the government for health care programs (The Daily Reflector, ECU Notes…). The places where medical care may not be that easy to locate have the most possible cases of medication needing the government’s assistance. As mentioned earlier, health is for everyone. Even for those who cannot work or for those who are unemployed. After all, they are still part of the community and they are still part of the government’s responsibility as well.

Indeed, further health programs especially the expansion of the benefits provided by the National Health Insurance Program should be well given attention to. The backbone of any country is its people. And taking care of a country’s strongest force may not be that easy. But with continuous effort and unfailing cooperation from every sector of the society shall make it easier for the government to perform its duty to its people on health in the best possible way. Some Problems That Occurs With Regards Healthcare Provisions

Health care has been and always be a serious matter since an individual’s and the society’s welfare depend very much on it. Because of this main fact, the general system of health care has become an important ethical aspect for the humanity themselves. However, in the same context, a recurring ethical dilemma has always been present that still posts a serious threat and arouse public concern. This is the healthcare dilemma of wrongful or unprofessional conduct in the application and conduction of healthcare system resulting to adverse malpractice of the said ethical aspect.

Medical Malpractice The said issue is considered by the human society to be an alarming and serious dilemma in the implementation of healthcare processes and approaches to the public. Many lives had been ended and seriously damaged by the said issues inciting fear and thoughtful concern from the public to address the said problem. In the same matter, healthcare organizations in general have also suffered many losses due to the said healthcare dilemma. Many lawsuits have been filed due to the said problem in the aspect of healthcare implementation.

These legal actions are mainly results of healthcare organization’s personnels wrongful conduct such as negligence to their duties, improper conduct attributing to serious complications and problems and delayed actions or response. Due to the said wrongful conduct attributing to medical malpractice, many cases have evidently reported loss of patient’s life and/or serious or permanent damages to the patient’s body. This idea is evidently present in the case of a lawsuit of medical malpractice filed against the healthcare organization of Harris Methodist HEB Hospital in Houston, USA during the last months of 2004.

According to the lawsuit, the healthcare administration of Harris Methodist HEB Hospital has committed a serious medical malpractice, which tragically resulted to the death of Mrs. Carla Jeanette Gann. Mrs. Gann, 23-years old and a mother to three young children, was admitted to the said hospital on November 30, 2002 for kidney stone pain. As a response, she was given several narcotics for pain and scheduled for kidney stone surgery within two days.

However, despite critical doctor’s order, hospital nurses administered a central nervous system depressant almost immediately after she had received other heavy narcotics. This resulted in her central nervous system shutting down and a loss of her ability to protect her airway when she became nauseous. Because of this, the patient died due to suffocation on her own vomit. After the said incident, the family and relatives of the victim filed a lawsuit against the Houston hospital on the grounds of medical malpractice resulted to death.

The testified wrongful actions of the hospital’s personnels mainly the nurses have been proven to be on the grounds of negligence and unprofessional conduct toward their duties thus ruling the legal favor to the side of the family of the victim. The case was settled on November 1, 2004 where the hospital paid moral and legal damages in monetary terms for the family of Mrs. Gann. As evident expressed in the reported medical malpractice case, wrongful conduct in the implementation of the healthcare system is indeed serious and legally punishable.

For this, healthcare organizations must be prompt and sincere in monitoring and tracking down their organization’s personnels who are committing wrongful conduct in their profession. This must be an immediate response of the healthcare organization to prevent other cases like that of the one reported thus also preventing medical tragedy and incurred losses for the organization itself. Thus, it must constantly be noted that in the course of healthcare execution of the healthcare organization’s personnel, a proper and professional conduct must always be implemented to ensure efficient and proper application of the medical system.

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