Structure balanced skill

Another safety aspect is the weights I have incorporated within my circuit training. With weights there is a danger that the weight is to heavy causing injury to the body thought hyperextension of the joint; this can lead on to dropping of the equipment on to feet or other limbs. The risk of injury could be dramatically reduced by the trainee of the circuit knowing the right technique for example lifting with the use of arms and legs and never with the back as you could get serious injures and pain such as a slip disk. Also when putting the weights down you should never throw or drop them always place slowly on the floor and make sure they don’t roll away from the designated area for that activity.

The main rule of safety is commonsense, if you use this you will never go wrong but occasionally it does this is why other rules are in place to minimise injury. A different safety aspect would be collision with another pupil doing my circuit especially during the shuttle runs with consistent passing, with a lack of concentration could cause serious injures. This brings me on the next safety aspect which would be clothing and jewellery. No jewellery is to be worn on the circuit because it could get court on clothing or equipment which can lead to injuries and also to help no injuries occur, the right clothing should be worn like boots and to check the studs to make sure you don’t slip and course an injury. I will prevent this by making sure there is minimum distraction and sufficient space in this activity.

When planning my circuit training I need to spread out all the different activity stations as this will decrease the possibility of collision. Each station has been placed in a specific order so that all the different muscles categories are separated. I have done this because working too hard on one specific part of the body could result in injury and my body would fatigue toward the end of the circuit and this would not benefit me for example having the single arm row after the triceps dips because this would not give the muscles efficient time to replace the oxygen det.

After I have completed my circuit I will have to do a warm down, which will consist of the same things as the warm up but at a slower pace, this will help stop the build up of lactic acid, blood pooling and to prevent achiness of the muscles the next couple of days. Appropriateness of chosen exercises. Explain why you have chosen at least two of the exercises/ activities and how they will help you achieve your targets. 5 marks

Structure balanced skill: I included this skill drill to enhance my posture, strength and can improve speed during the different aspects of rugby such as the tackle, pick and go and in the ruck. This skill consists of: 1) Me in the lunge position on the right foot with the knee directly above it and holding it, 2) Then I reverse the lunge so that my left foot is forward and my knee is over the tip of my toe and hold it, 3) Then I must bring my right foot up about an inch away from my left foot and my knee must be bent so that I am on the tip of my right foot whilst my left foot is planted firmly into the ground and hold it, 4) Then I must swing my right foot one hundred and eighty degrees and five feet forward so that I am in the position of the cross over lunge and hold it, 5) Then twist both feet ninety degrees in the same direction into the squat position and hold it.

This must be repeated on the other foot so that both sets of muscles are working and my back must be straight throughout the whole skill drill. Also this skill drill will be progressively made harder by holding the position longer. Through out the skill drill I will be monitoring my own progress so that I can monitor my progress. In a game situation this will make my tackles harder, I will run faster and not to be rucked of the ball, which will improve my game tremendously and help me achieve two of my targets, acceleration and strength.

Shuttle runs with continuous passing: I included this exercise into my circuit training as it will improve my fitness levels and cardio-respiratory fitness. Also my aerobic fitness would be improved as I will be working at a low intensity but high duration. This means I should be trying to hit sixty to eighty percent of my maximum heart rate, the equation for this is two hundred and twenty minus my age which is fifteen which equals two hundred and five. So altogether I would have to get my heart rate at least up to 70 � 100 x 205 = 144 bpm which means my v02 max will rise. This will help my body to tolerate lactic acid better during exercise; witch will help my muscles not to fatigue as quickly and in a game situation, this will help me out do my opponents regarding fitness. Last of all it will help me achieve another one of my targets, acceleration, agility and fitness.

Appropriate application. Explain how your training will progress each time and how you will be working harder. 5 marks Within my time frame I will have five session of my circuit training which will consist of fifty minutes of high intensity exercise. Gradually my circuit training will increase the intensity so that my fatigue boundary will increase; if my intensity is too low then the circuit training would not get the results I would like to achieve at the end.

I have made sure that I started my training session at the right intensity by a test run of the circuit. I did this because if the intensity is to high then I will fatigue to quick and would not be able to continue and may even cause injures and would not have the confidence or motivation to push on to my full potential; this would not give me the results I desire from this circuit training and would be inaccurate. On the other hand if my circuit training did not work at a high enough intensity, then it would make no vast improvements and therefore also making the result inaccurate.

Overload will be used by increasing the time spent at each station and increase the targets and not the time rested so because a muscle will only strengthen when forced to operate beyond its customary intensity. The load must be progressively increased in order to further adaptive responses as training develops, and the training stimulus is gradually raised. I will do this at gradual stages, to stop the likely hood of injury, but still at a high intensity.

I can show this by the gradual increase in the time over each session. This will help dramatically in my muscle endurance which will help in a game situating to stop my muscles fatigue so quickly; this will enable me to make those big tackles at the end of the game as well as at the beginning. Also it will tremendously improve my fitness levels witch will help me keep up with high intensity games; this is because my muscles will be contracting and relaxing at a much faster rate for a considerable period of time, therefore improving the amount of time and speed of witch my muscles can contract and relax over a certain period of time.

I have taken in to account of motivation; the drive to achieve success according to various theories motivation may be rooted in the basic need to minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure. There are different interpretations of pain and pleasure for example you can have self satisfaction for example making a big tackle and your body will get a feeling of pleasure or not succeeding missing the tackle as a dissatisfaction as pain. Also there external motivational aspects like the tangible for example rewards such as money, medals, titles or you could have intangible rewards like comments; there is one more external sources in order to promote motivation for example some one shouting in some cases at you to praise you whilst you are doing the activity.

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