Sports relationship

Sports open new doors for international relationship. Sports flourish international culture. As, organizing of sports also organize for the exchange of culture to take place. It, thus, promotes international relationships. However, some scholars repudiate that sports inoculates aggressive individualism and can prove to be a good cause for the breakdown of relationships. Arguably, there has been a international growing concern to create a homely environment during the matches to reduce the aggressive behaviorism. In addition, the widespread reason is that sports address all the aspects of a country and result in the booming of relationships. As an example, it brings two of the political country together to watch the games. For these reasons, although sports are played for entertainment and competition, relationship breeder is an important additional feature attached to it.

Sports, an institutionalized physical activity, promote national culture of sports to international arena. Sports have become artifact and artifact always promotes international relations. For many countries, sports have turn out to be a culture for countries like football in Brazil, cricket in India, and whenever they play with other countries, they introduce their culture to the other and promote their relationships.

Similarly, national game of a country also helps in spreading their social norms and values across national boundaries. It results in strengthening international relations. At a personal level, “kabaddi” is the national game of our country Nepal. And, this creates a chance for our country to teach and spread about the game and increase our relationship. Likewise, sports carry various other activities which help in the promotion of relationship. Like sports create personalities. They move around different country either for training or to play games. Indirectly, they represent our nation to the world and our relationship with other country broadens. Hence, sports socially and culturally increases one country foreign relations.

Practically, the support for sports regarding breeder of international relationship far out weighs purported values of oppositions. It is a well known or traditional advantage that sports create an opportunity for countries to come together. For some people, this positive expectations seem to be untrue and for some obscure reasons they argue that,” Sports divides rather than unites.” It can be argued with an example of cricket matches held between India and Pakistan.

These two countries meet more for games than any other political or economical reasons. It may be true that such people have an ego with sports as a rational people would not claim such things. It is also heard that some scholars denouncing that sports only provides ruthless competition and a minor mistakes like wrong decision by umpire can break down the existing relationship. In rejoinder, introduction of new technology during the decision making process have reduced this error to a great extent.

In addition, involvement in sports can result in traumatic experiences and traumatizes the countrymen, as examples, fandom problems, attacks in Olympic Games during 1972 and 1996. Arguably, supporting of enough securities during games by hosting countries or morally criticizing such aggravated activities by the international bodies have reduced this problem tremendously. Hence, sports aggressive things also help in improving relations.

Sports touch all the dimensions of a country and, therefore, have substantial ways of booming international relationship. Nowadays, sports have created a sense of brotherhood among countries. From experiences, sports player of different countries unite together for raising funds for natural disasters. They collected millions of dollars for tsunami affected people in 2004. Moreover, it’s a materialistic world where money counts. And sports are one of the best sources.

Therefore, countries involve themselves in promotion of relationship to host games. And, indirectly, credit goes to sports for increasing relationship. Furthermore, strangely enough, whole of the word participate during the games. Players of the different countries participate; spectators of other countries also come, umpires, usually, of other country, and through sports being broadcasted through television all people participate. In this light, it can be concluded that sports directly or indirectly promotes international relationship.

Sports have become a synonymous to promoting relationship. In today’s world, where the country gallops with anger, and cold war, sports create an opportunity to minimize these feelings. As, to have any relationship, a base and introduction is required and sports provide these chance. Next, to maintain and promote relationship, one requires regular meeting and again this is facilitated by sports. Hence, it continues to be not only an effective to create, maintain, and promote international relationship but also an ageless solution to it.

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