Speech Plan

SPECIFIC SPEECH PURPOSE: At the end of my speech, I want my classmates to be enlightened regarding the effectiveness of generic and branded medicines. THESIS STATEMENT:

Professionals say that brand (proprietary) name and generic (nonproprietary) name medicines are both reliable because the active ingredients in it are the same but one is cheaper than the other. OUTLINE OF THE SPEECH THE INTRODUCTION I. ATTENTION STEP Michel Montaigne said, “For a desperate disease a desperate cure”. When one’s life is at stake, we have to be sure that we are counting on the right kind of medicine.

How do we know if we are counting on the right drug? Here, the reliability of generic and branded medicines will be tackled. II. CLARIFICATION STEP The reliability of the economical generic medicines and the effectiveness of the expensive branded medicines are always talked about when it comes to medicine issues.

To dig deeper into the issue, I shall enlighten you with the facts I have gathered in order to guide us in discerning which one is effective: The costly branded drugs or the cheap generic drugs?

THE BODY I. Definition of Generic and Branded Medicines A. Generic is an active ingredient of the medicine. B. Brand name is chosen by the manufacturer, usually on the basis that it can be recognized, pronounced and remembered by health professionals and members of the public. II. Effectiveness of Generic and Branded Medicines A. They are both effective. B. They have the same active ingredients. C. Both are required to be registered and approved by BFAD before they can be sold in the market. III.

Reasons why Generic Medicines are cheaper than branded ones A. Branded Medicines are made by pharmaceutical companies that spent time and money for the research and development of the new medicine. B. Manufacturers of Generic Medicines only need to cover its production and marketing cost.

THE CONCLUSION I. SUMMARY STEP Both the branded and generic medicines are effective mainly because of the active ingredient used but to an extent because studies revealed that the latter is not effective in complicated diseases.

The branded medicines are expensive and may not be affordable to all consumers compared to generic medicines because of the production cost specifically the amount spent for research and development of the new medicine.

II. ACTION STEP Everyone is free to make a choice between generic and branded medicines as research showed these two kinds of medicines are said to be both effective. References: http://www. philstar. com/Article. aspx? articled=2957722 Pharmacology for Nursing Care, 7th Edition by Richard A. Lehne, Ph. D. Pharmacology, A Nursing Approach Joyce LeFever Kee,MS,RN.

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