Sop For Pharmacology

At the crossroads of my professional career a sense that great timings lay ahead and great achievements are within one’s capacity is born of the many paths that lays infront of me the one that seems more inviting and satisfying towards which thoughts unwaveringly go is the path towards attending more knowledge coupled with perfection. After a good deal of self evaluation I have decided to pursue post graduate studies in Pharmacology.

This decision is followed after carefully appraising my academic performance, my area of interest my ultimate ambition, which is to pursue a research career the urge to obtain an in-depth understanding and specialized knowledge in my areas of interest has made me apply for M. Sc Right from my school days I have always been interested in science.

This is the reason I opted for Biology, Physics and Chemistry as major subjects in higher secondary. The daily development in science and technology has always inspired me to do something new and innovative in form of exhibits at the science fare conducted in our school.

From my inquisitiveness for the scientific proofs of what is happening around me and access to research papers and News papers, especially the science and Technology segment I got a chance to taste what the science is all about thus I have a little difficulty in opting for a career in the field of pharmacy . Hence , I joined DECCAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACY(Affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), after securing good rank in common entrance test conducted in our state.

The core courses at Deccan School of Pharmacy have introduced me to diverse field of Clinical pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, Bio-technology, Pharmacology, Anatomy &Physiology, Pharmaceutical Science and other subjects. Apart from these the practical section has exposed me to a fascination experiments and sessions. At the same time, I went for an industrial training at NAKODA PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD, HYDERABAD for the period of one month.

This training enabled me to learn about GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice),Formulation of Tablets, Capsules and Syrups, etc. It give me a chance to know about Quality Control and Quality Assurance in a pharmaceutical company. In my Final year I have done PROJECT WORK on “INVIVO & INVITRO.

DISSOLUTION STUDIES OF ROFEBAXCY” and this was successfully completed in 3 months, I also presented seminar in my college regarding my project work, which is very well appreciated by everyone.

I have also done Diploma and Advance diploma in Healthcare Management from South Bank College of London and also accomplish Overseas Pharmacist Course from Buttercups College of Nottingham with the overall percentage of 93. 8% . After Completion of my Bachelors in Pharmacy, I worked f or “WE CARE PHARMACY” as a PHARMACIST for Two Years in India and One year as an Assistant.

Pharmacist in U. K to accomplish the Practical Knowledge. Observing the world around me moving drastically fast, I do not want to get complacent with just the basic knowledge obtained during my under graduation.

My chief objective is to obtain MSc in Pharmacology with ultimate objective of taking up research-oriented career. It is with this specific purpose in my mind, I approach your university since I am convinced that your university has both the infrastructure and environment to aid, nourish, oversee and help me to evolve into a more complete and better qualified professional. I hope you will provide financial assistance considering my profile. I am sincere, diligent and hard working.

I am confident that my undergraduate Degree and Diploma’s excellence and capability would help me measure up to the rigors of graduate study. I have a strong desire to contribute something original and innovative. Hence, given a chance to join your reputed university, I pledge that I will try to strive hard and prove to be an asset to your institute. Thanking you for giving me an opportunity to express myself. VIQARUDDIN MOHAMMED.

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