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Noode is a range of twelve skin care product line founded by “Seth Ratner who owes his success to hard work, charm a dash of chutzpah and the incredible hulk. His early lessons of entrepreneurship arouse Mr. Ratner appetite for business”(N. A. 2008). After his job in a male skin Care Company named Zirh Skin Nutrition which was later taken over by Shiseido Co.

Ltd, this experience gave him a chance to understand the beauty business and launch his own company named Noode in 2000. Initially generating revenue by selling his skin care products in leading stores like Henri Bendel and Bloomingdale’s now wishes to continue to add new locations in US as well as expands internationally. The approach is to develop a marketing plan to launch Noode skin care range in UAE.

In order to understand the operating environment External and Internal Audit was conducted and SWOT analysis was performed to identify the major differential advantages Noode is holding as compared to the weaknesses and use the same to the advantage in the marketing for the launch of its Skin care line with its attractive brand image in US and pricing strategy. Marketing Mix has been designed to aid the achievement of overall marketing objective for the sale of the Noode skin care line via targeting the right people and offering them with the improved range of products.

Noode will have to carry out the marketing research to launch their product in new market. It also has to recognize the capabilities and expertise of its existing image and have to develop the same to make Noode launch and presence felt and more prominent in the UAE market. Noode is a skin care line for woman founded by Seth Ratner in 2001, in New York City, offering range of twelve skin care products clinically tested and approved by dermatologist to produce products infused to maintain and prevent aging instead of repair.

These products are developed by innovative technology, in attractive packaging to attract the target customers at affordable prices. The product line was designed specially to meet the need of Generation Me market which is a combination of Generation X and Generation Y. The founder of Noode Mr. Seth Ratner identified that this generation was concerned more about “me” hence the entire product line has “me”.

In addition Noode also conducts different skin care workshops and sampling to promote their products to targeted market and help customer get better understanding for skin protection. Noode embodies modern beauty setting sight on the market of 15 to 29 year old women. The product has an appealing market in US also due to their color full packing and funky writings. Currently operating in US, Noode in expedition to boost the brand awareness internationally and sales revenue has recently planned to expand and launch their product line in strong market of UAE.

Due to the fact of profit margins being high in this business in U. A. E’s potency in the cosmetics business is lies on quality products at lower -prices and low import duties. In order to achieve marketing objective several characteristics were identified to target UAE market. Arabic traditions and cultures are respected by affluent nationals. A notable concern is on the nation’s preference of Islamic value based products like Sharia complaint Islamic Banking products, Islamic Sukuks, etc.

The economy has a multinational workforce and cosmopolitan lifestyle which encourages foreigners in investing in the economy as compared to other countries in the region. People can follow any religion and culture. Technology There is huge investment from the government to develop the infrastructure, good telecom system, internet facilities, etc. The implementations of the latest technologies to support the banking system have made UAE as advanced as any other developed economy in the world. The findings of the external marketing audit are summarized in the Exhibits below.

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