Skin Cancer

ATTENTION:Years ago I had a boyfriend that suffered with skin cancer. His skin broke out so bad that he couldn’t stand to be touched, and there was nothing I could do to ease his pain. THESIS:Today I will attempt to persuade you to protect yourself from getting Skin Cancer. AUDIENCE LINK:Many people in the world today suffer with Skin Cancer (otherwise known as, Melanoma). It mostly found in Caucasians and is usually found on fair-skinned people. It may appear as nodules, or as red spots, scaly patches on the skin. This topic is very crucial, for all of you today, because you or someone you care about may be suffering from skin cancer.

CREDIBILITY:Ever since my ex-boyfriend suffered from skin cancer, this topic has caused me great concern. Therefore, I have researched this cancer extensively. PREVIEW: I. I will discuss the problem with not protecting yourself from skin cancer. II. I will also discuss a plan to protect yourself from skin cancer. III. I will discuss the benefits of my plan. BODY I. THE PROBLEM OF NOT PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM SKIN CANCER (According to http://www. skincancer. org) A. Skin Cancer is a disorder that can creep up on you slowly. 1. Showing itself as a malformed and multicolored growth. B.

It will tend to burn or freckle your skin causing pain in people with fair skin. C. Going out into the sun, when temperature is high, will cause your skin to burn from direct exposure to the sun. 1. You will have a greater chance of getting Skin Cancer. D. When not taking the proper precautions to prevent Skin Cancer, you will be exposing yourself to UVA and UVB sun rays. 1. By not protecting your body from this exposure will and can cause you a great bodily harm. TRANSITIONNow that I have shared with you problems with not protecting yourself from skin cancer, I will now share with you a plan preventing it.

II. A PLAN TO PREVENT SKIN CANCER: (According to W. John Diamond & W. Lee Cowden’s book and http://www. webmd. com) A. We need to avoid the time of the day between 10 a. m. and 4:00 p. m. (when the sun is at its brightest). B. We need to wear protective clothing that covers our body and a hat to protect our head. C. We need to use a sunscreen with 15 SPF to 45 SPF and protect ourselves against both UVA and UVB sun rays. D. Lastly, we need to check our skin regularly. At our yearly checkup, we should have the doctor do an exam on our skin as well. 1.

We need to check for any discolorations or growths developing on our skin. TRANSITIONNow that I have shared with you a plan to prevent Skin Cancer, I will share with you the benefits. III. BENEFITS OF PREVENTING SKIN CANCER: (According to Tracie Egan’s book “Skin Cancer”): A. Preventing Skin Cancer can help you avoid the necessary treatments, Such as Surgery and Medications which are painful and hard on the body. 1. Biopsies of the skin, surgeries to remove and/or chemical treatments (such as Chemotherapy) to slow down the development of cancerous cells. B.

Most importantly, taking the precautions to prevent Skin Cancer will help you avoid death associated with the disease. It will not cost anything but time to prevent yourself from getting the disease. CONCLUSION, SUMMARY:In conclusion, I have shared with you the problems of not protecting yourself, a plan of action and the benefits of preventing skin cancer. I highly recommend that you take the precautions, I have described, in order to prevent Skin Cancer from taking control or your life. These precautions do not guarantee that you will not get Skin Cancer, but they will reduce your chances immensely.

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