Rules of the gym

Observations were substantiated with interviews with at least five (5) of the gym enthusiasts. Three of these were veteran gym users while two were just starting up. The interview method revealed what could not be observed with the naked eye and what could not be read in the posted written rules of the gym. To confirm and verify observations and generalizations, review of related literature was done. Peer-reviewed journals were read and websites of sports authorities were visited. The information and data gathered from these sources were equally important to those learned and observed in the gym.

Gym etiquette is very important in any gym where people frequent in order to develop their muscles and other bodily parts. This establishes order in a place where confusion and conflict are potentially at risk. There can be confusion as the programs which each gym user follows may be totally different from that of the guy standing right beside him. There can be conflict when the gym users do not see eye to eye and they would rather settle any issue through the use of force or influence. Thus, for the sake of peace and harmony in the gym, each gym user is obligated to follow not only the written but also the unwritten rules.

There is no clear cut distinction as to who complies or who does not comply with the written and unwritten rules in the gym. As observed, though, most of the regular gym users comply with the written rules more than the starters. Noted violations are mostly on proper attire and cool-down requirements. Starters seem not to know the particular gym outfit that goes with the particular gym they go to. This makes them odd and noticeable. However, this is understandable as the starters are new to the place and they usually observe the regulars first.

The cooling-down requirement which is violated by starters may be due to not knowing how this is done or may be because they forget that they have to do so. Regular gym users perfect their compliance to the written rules which have become already part of their regimen while in the gym. As observed and as revealed in the interviews, violations of unwritten rules are not only committed by starters but also among regular users. These unwritten rules may be divided into the positive points and the negative points. The positive rules include the following [ ]:

1) Be mindful of the space around you so as not to restrict the movement of other gym users as they use the nearby equipment/machine. This is to ensure not only respect for the other person but also to ensure safety in the gym. 2) Be mindful of your personal hygiene so as not to exude bad smell. The use of fresh shirts and towels for every session is highly recommended. This is being considerate of the fact that the gym is usually full of sweaty people. Thus, any measure to abate the smell would be good for the whole environment.

3) Be considerate in asking others to work-in with you in between your sets so as not to keep others waiting until you finish your entire program for that particular equipment. Inasmuch as you would not be using the equipment during breaks or rest periods between sets, it would be a good gesture to offer to others your willingness to work-in with them. 4) Be kind enough to ask the user first if he is finished with the equipment before you start using the same. It is always a good practice not to be presumptuous. Good manners dictate you to ask the other person first before you use the equipment.

5) Be sincere in asking others to move if he is restricting your access to an equipment. Sincerity comes with necessity. If there is no need for the other person to move because what you will be doing would not be affected by his presence, then, it is best to leave the person alone. 6) Be polite at all times. The gym is a social center where everyone has equal rights. Being polite to people in the same gym would not only show upbringing but also would impact on the gym user’s emotional stability which would in turn harness and improve his physical strength.

7) Be resourceful in knowing the right areas where you are supposed to train yourself and which equipment to use for your kind of program so as not to keep others waiting with your indecision or hesitations; 8) Be sensible and be fair in all situations. Don’t react but respond to a situation. 9) Be flexible especially with those who may not know better than you. If you have been a regular user, understand the situations of the starters. If you are a starter, give respect to the regular users who are kind enough to allow you to work with them in the same gym.

The negative rules, on the other hand, are those which are prohibited in the gym so as not to create outright confusion and conflict. The following include the negative points which no gym user should manifest: 1) Never leave equipment …

As observed, some gym users with bigger physical built get their way and get the priority schedules. This starts with the registration of names where most of them do not write their names anymore; somebody else has to do it …

Gym etiquette is dictated by these written and unwritten rules which are expressly and impliedly agreed among gym enthusiasts. Gym etiquette dictates that respect for the other person is of utmost concern [ ]. Even common sense dictates that unless …

The gym is a place for people who want to workout based on their preferred programs. The gym is equipped with several machines for the purpose of these programs. There is no one member or walk-in client who can lay …

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