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Life is like an internet in which viruses travel like messages, from country to country and city to city. These viruses do not need a passport to travel in the world. They just spread from one person to another. Same like that there are two viruses the Ebola and the Marburg and have not any specific treatment. The Ebola virus was first identified in Africa, whereas Marburg was found in Marburg, Germany. Both viruses are different in genome structure and also both were discovered first in different animals.

It is unknown how these viruses were first transmitted from mammals to humans. Although the Ebola virus and the Marburg virus are different diseases, both have similar symptoms, transmission and treatment. The Ebola virus and the Marburg virus are similar diseases on the basis of symptoms. The Ebola virus starts with a fever, headache, and weakness within ten days of infection and after that cause bleeding from the eyes, ears, and some other problems.

The Marburg virus also occurs with fever, chills, headache, and myalgia. Around the fifth day after the onset of symptoms, a rash, bleeding and other varieties of nonspecific illness take place. The first stage of both viruses is fever, which is hemorrhagic fever.

Another most interesting thing is that the Ebola virus and the Marburg virus are highly fatal diseases caused by a virus from the same family. These viruses are among the most virulent pathogens known to infect humans. The Ebola disease is rare, but has the capacity to cause dramatic outbreaks with high fatality as well as the Marburg virus. Moreover, the most interesting thing is how the Ebola virus and the Marburg virus transmission. First time, both diseases found in mammals. Ebola and Marburg are not spread through water, air, or, in general by food.

However, the Ebola and the Marburg viruses spread as a result of hunting wild animals like the monkey and the fruit bat, respectively, to eat; but now these viruses transfer through person to person by touching, through breathing. These viruses are also transmitted to other counties through people who were in Africa and travel in other countries. Finally, the treatment of Ebola virus and Marburg virus is tedious. These viruses have different names, but pretty much they are identical to each other. The reason is that the Marburg virus was find in 1967 and no one has been able to make medicine or any vaccine to help to prevent this disease.

Similarly, there is no specific therapy available that has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. If any person suffers from these viruses, may end up dead. According to doctors, an Ebola and Marburg patient might survive, only if he maintains his oxygen status and blood pressure and treating other infections if they occur. In the end, the Ebola and the Marburg viruses are only have a few differences, but have so many similarities. The question is why both viruses are identified by different names? Only of the different genome structure differs the Ebola virus from the Marburg virus.

The Ebola and the Marburg viruses have similar symptoms from the first stage to the final stage. It is very surprising because, it is continuously transmitted from person to person and is spreading to the different corners of the world. These viruses have no specific treatment found yet. Even America is unable to find the exact cure for Ebola. Today, Ebola is more common virus than Marburg virus. There are nearly 4500 people who have died because of the Ebola disease. To save people, we have to find a medication; otherwise, in the future, it will become dangerous for all of us.

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