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In the health care system nurses are taking the important role. Bed side nurses, school health nurse, nurses in different leadership positions etc. We can see many obstacles in the fast changing health care systems. To prevent these obstacles, institution such as IOM (Institute of Medicine) and RWJF (Robert wood Johnson Foundation), introduced a two year plan to make some changes to remodel and repair the nursing profession.

The nurses have to provide a high quality nursing care to the patients and in order to achieve this, they have to attain high education, training and attend health care conferences and mandatory classes along with healthcare team including the physicians. This participation will bring a great change in reformation of the health care system in the future. This is also known as required effective work force (IOM Future of Nursing Report). The future of nursing is going to face many challenges. In order to overcome these challenges, the health care system has found some new solutions.

Those solutions are: to advance the nursing profession to higher level degrees to perform safe and quality nursing care teaching, leadership, evidence based practice, and expand nursing schools Why we are in need of higher education in the future? Because the competencies are very essential to spread the nursing profession and nurses are in a great pressure to achieve these goals. The IOM’s goal for the future is for most associate nurses to increase the proportions of BSN degree to 80% and double the number of doctorates in nursing in the coming future (The Future of Nursing).

Only nursing profession has a wide advancement to contribute higher education program. For example, LPN (Licensed practical nurses) has to earn an Associate degree in nursing or Diploma in nursing, BSN has to earn Masters in nursing or DNP (Doctor in nursing). Institution of Medicine( IOM )and RWJF put forward some suggestions which it basically mentions that (1) nurses have to complete their education and training period, (2) nurses should improve their standard of education throughout their training to provide high uality nursing care and (3) nurses should work as a team include physicians and other health care officialsIn future the whole health care system will work together in order to meet the demands and requirements of the future generation as per the health care system Impact in nursing practice Capabilities necessary to practice in nursing profession has dramatically expanded. These new capabilities are called competencies and it has increased the pressure on education. It is necessary to gain more high quality nursing care and consideration from new health care system.

In order to achieve that, nurses have to meet basic requirements to meet the eligibility to take part in leadership, health care policy, and evidence based practice and team work. Regarding nursing education, compared to old belief and opinion, the present nursing education is required to be changed. In order to make movements in education we have many agencies are ready to offer scholarships as a financial aids in the nursing field. Those programs are able to decide what degree how much time and what cost for each courses they are selecting.

In order to replace from the present to the future nursing care system, the nurses’ roles and responsibilities will definitely increase . A large number of nurses in the health care system are working hard to provide a safe outcome. Since the nurses are in different roles, especially leadership position, the care which is delivered to the patients should be within the scope of practice . Nurses are contributing their valuable time and effort to improve the profession as well as the health care system for the predictable patients. Nursing is a multifaceted occupation. Health teaching, diagnosing and health assessments are the basic elements.

These elements are very important for the primary care and this will be strong enough to strengthen this profession. To reduce the total expense for the new admissions for the patients and increase the strength of nursing profession as an occupation these plans are highly welcomed. To attain this goal, the committee recommend some suggestions like Medicaid and Medicare to reduce the cost and they put forward about avoid the repeated expense for the re-admissions of a transfer patient from acute care to the nursing homes so chronically ill patients can be taken care by the advanced practice nurses and other health care providers.

All these strategies can reduce the cost and avoid the long hospital stay (Kelley 2010). In nursing history there are many leaders who made tremendous changes in the profession of nursing to improve it as it is now. Nursing had a maximum academic development and practice basically formed by a women leadership. . Florence Nightingale is considered as a mother and founder of nursing; she is a leader in nursing field and her country as well. The people around the world are fond of her dedication and leadership in the field of nursing.

Dorothea Dix, an early advocate, served as a union supervisor for the female nurses. Clara Barton, Louisa May Alcott also helped and organized the field of leadership in nursing (The History of Nursing). Finally, to attain IOM achievements in the nursing profession, the education level changed from community school to university level, complete the entire nursing education and re-model the nursing study plan based on the future health care decisions.

Associate nursing to BSN degree, easy access to give admission to those are already holding the bachelor’s degree in any other subjects so they can complete the BSN in fast track with in 15 to 18 months, and to extent the school to accommodate more nurses in different programs, American Association of college of nursing and other colleges promoted all nurses change their positions from associate degree to BSN, from BSN to advance practice nurse and from there to reach the maximum to Doctor In Nursing(DNP).

I think in future ,to provide better and safe quality nursing care ,I will expand and improve my standard of education and evidenced based practice . ( like diploma to Bachelor’s degree in nursing and in future I may get my masters in nursing). So that I can be in different positions and to educate and practice the new generation in better way.

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