Rationale of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a controversial issue among the society now. For some people, there is not agreed about undergo plastic surgery because they are grateful and appreciative with their natural beauty appearance what god gave to them and for Muslim’s religion does not give Muslim’s change appearance have been given by Allah. Every countries now has a plastic surgery specialist but the problem is want to undergo plastic surgery the cost is very expensive, that why has some people not agreed about the plastic surgery .

Beside the risk for undergo plastic surgery is very high. Even though there are many criticisms among society regarding plastic surgery there are several reason that it should be accepted due to : improves self-confidence ,enhancement of income in economic and health purpose. First of all, the reason people are undergoing plastic surgery to seek for their self –esteem in order to increase and enhance their self-confidence with their newly impressed and bright appearance.

Some people are simply happy to live with their original appearance without bothering to go under the knife for their new appearance because they appreciate and being grateful with their natural and beauty appearance that god awarded to them. The world that we live in, it is uneasy to ignore the social imposition on the standard of beauty. They might question, is it there something wrong with their look? So, they lose their self-esteem. An increasing number of people are choosing to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery to change what they think as physical imperfection and to improve their self-esteem.

From the study, in “A Review of Psychosocial Outcomes for patients seeking Cosmetic Surgery,” Honigman, Katharine, and David,(2004) have reported that patients were satisfied with positive result from plastic surgery which also can boost up their self-esteem. On the other hand, people tend to undergo plastic surgery because they were under pressure and were unsatisfied with their beauty. Appearance is the important thing because appearance and self-esteem are closely related as people manage to improve their self-esteem through appearance in order for a person to maintain their status and employment among society.

Besides, changing the physical attributes will change outlook on life. As a result, they comfortable with their skin as they were undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery to look younger, to get rid facial lines, hollow, and acne scars. According to Pruzinsky and Edgerton (1990) claimed that plastic and cosmetic surgery is also considered as body image surgery that will lead to the improvement and enhancement from psychological aspect (as cited in Sarwer, Wadden, Pertschuk, and Whitetaker, 1998, p. 10).

For instance, they will become much happier and will be able to concentrate on the quality of their personal and their professional life as they would not feel distracted by the problem of their appearance. In addition, from the study in article entitled “Teens choose plastic surgery to boost self-esteem,” Thompson (2010) mentioned that approximately 210 000 plastic and cosmetic surgery has been done by the teenager in 2009. This shows that plastic surgery is a trend nowadays for any people from any age to undergo plastic surgery because they demand for their highly self- esteem.

Plastic surgery industry is giving an enhancement to the economic growth within the nation. The main purpose of undergo a plastic surgeon is for a beauty and wants to be perfection. Besides of it, plastic surgery industry is contributing to the economy recovery as well. Plastic surgery industry has been predicted to become the strongest growth of economy in 2013, however there was data shown that overall health care including plastic surgery spending growth continuing at the lowest rate in decades for a fourth consecutive year (Lowrey , 2013) .

In contrast, the demand for plastic surgery among people around the world itself is high since 2012 . In “Plastic surgery numbers rise with economy, stay below peak” article, Painter ( 2012) claimed consumer confidence was up, auto sales rose 10 per cent, so it is not surprising that we would also see increased demand for plastic surgery procedures, (cited in Roth, 2012). It’s proven that the demand for plastic surgery is soaring due to the financial stability in person’s. They have the confident in their self to put an investment through undergo a plastic surgery and as a result they become like what they desire.

The fact that the demand for plastic surgery is high could be viewed as an indication that the economy is recovering as well . From “In South Korea, cosmetic surgery falters with economy” articles, Fackler (2009) stated that , As South Korea became wealthier, it was just one more thing that women desire ( cited in Yoon ) The influence of plastic surgery is big in South Korea, survey found that one of every five women in Seoul between the ages of 19 and 49 had undergo the plastic surgery procedures .

The cost for undergo a plastic surgery is expensive, and as an impact a Plastic surgeon can earn high income of salary. Plastic surgeons can earn $121,154 to $301,679 per year. If the bonuses, profit sharing and commissions were sum together it can increase total compensation to a range of $124,999 to $317,566, according to the PayScale report as of January 2011. It can be shows that it is a big amount for one to earn. As the plastic surgeon earns high income, they actually contribute a good enhancement to the economic growth within the country .

The income earn form residents also included in Gross Domestic Profit within the country In “China adds resident’s per capita income into economic growth target” article, Lina (2012) wrote that for making China’s development much more balanced, consistence and sustainable, china’s should double its 2010 GDP and per capita income for both urban and rural residents by 2020 ( cited in hu ) . In addition , rising in the personal income, the nation has also seen a increase of $74. 7 billion in disposable personal income , these are all good signs that the nation’s economy is consistence and towards development (Tavaras , 2012) .

Lastly, plastic surgery is acceptable for health purpose. People choose to undergo plastic surgery due to several reasons; imperfection, illnesses and accidents. Some people might take plastic surgery as an alternative to change their imperfection. Some people believed that imperfection can be changed with the option of plastic surgery. As a human, we want to look perfect and interesting, so that we will not be looking down by other people. However, if we are having this imperfection, it will lead us for not be able to socialise and interacting very well because of the weaknesses.

As in our real life, we can see that overweight people are always being isolated from others and it is not that easy to lose their weight in just a blink. So, those obese people take the easy way to settle their problem with undergoing plastic surgery. In ‘Plastic surgery-Get the look that you want ‘, Avotina (2011) defined liposuction as a popular process to eliminate the fat in order to enhance one’s body shape. Basically, the fat is abolished in the neck area sides, ankles and other areas.

In certain situation, some people do the plastic surgery because they want their belly button from ‘outtie’ into an ‘innie’ and their like to change their shape of body. Some people undergo plastic surgery to modify their body because they want to look different instead of the pressure to look perfect or not for someone else’s wishes (Aaronson, 2010). Plastic surgery also can be used as a way for one to fix the terrible effect that coming from illnesses or accident. Nowadays, some illnesses need plastic surgery as the alternative for health purpose.

For instance, women that have breast cancer have to remove their breast for their health by undergoing the plastic surgery . They are doing implanting breast through by plastic surgery. Aucoin (2010) informed that “A woman may have breast reconstruction after surviving cancer. A man may have skin grafts done after being injured as a firefighter”. Besides that, some people prefer to undergo plastic surgery when they were involved in accident which affects their face like having scar or burned face. Woodward (2012) asserted “There are plastic surgery procedures to repair birth defects and injuries from traumatic accidents.

These procedures focus mainly on the skin, extremities and features in order to diminish the awkward shape, size or visible scarring that has resulted from any injuries or past procedures”. It shows that plastic surgery is beneficial for health purpose. Admittedly, plastic surgery is giving the people new aspiration in their life. It is a kind of surgery that involves with the person’s appearance. However, plastic surgery is very dangerous , there are probability that the chances of undergo plastic surgery may going wrong during or after the plastic surgery or the worst can be is someone can even dead.

The risk of plastic surgery is complications. In the “Complications of Plastic Surgery” Aswood (2007) wrote that current statistics shown that 1 of 58,810 people that undergo the plastic surgery die due to complications from the procedure, however in 1 of 299 cases that undergo this surgery they got a serious complications that may change a person’s life . Some people that are not suitable with the surgery and with a sensitive body are the most vulnerable to the infections from the surgery. Other than that, the plastic surgery results might not satisfied to the person desires and predictable.

Not all surgery outcomes will success; it’s depended on the situations and can be a person’s fate as well. One cannot deny that plastic surgery is dangerous. It is true that the outcome sometimes is not predictable and could be worst. Nevertheless, if the plastic surgery outcome become like what one desire it will give a big impact to he or she . As a result , their confident level will boost up , and certainly they will shows a positive factor in communicate and be able to interact with others without hesitate and automatically improving their interaction skills .

“Psychological studies so far seem to confirm that cosmetic surgery patients are not less mentally healthy than other people and large majorities are pleased with the change in their appearance” Ehrenfeld (2011). Apart from it , the good result from the surgery also can help the person to live a happier life as he or she is not feel any worries about not being accepted by the society because the they know that their appearance is attractive .

In conclusion, there are many reasons that an individual might consider when getting plastic surgery. From the study, most researchers agreed that the rationality of plastic surgery because people are undergoing plastic surgery to enhance self- esteem, for economy enhancement and for healthy purpose. Plastic surgery is an alternative for the people to have beautiful appearance as they wish. Some people see plastic surgery is the way for one to be perceived by the society.

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