Quality Assurance Plan and Assessment for a Hospital

How will Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) or Total Quality Management (TQM) be implemented in this model facility?


Total quality management will be implemented by establishing all then areas that have not been focused upon full and implementing the necessary quality care .It will be improved through the emphasis of the organization and the attitudinal changes that are required to fully implement this model in the hospital. The concept of measurement will also be emphasized as a quality improvement aspect since through it accuracy and effective calibrations of the tools will be achieved.

The quality control testing that will be performed in this facility will entail whether there is staffing problems and the impact to the patients, secondly patient satisfaction will be a factor to be considered. The impact of the financial management to the effectiveness of the facility and the healthy policy reforms will be looked into by the total quality management.

Performance testing and the maintenance of the tools and the facilities are usually documented once in every three years. The calibration of the equipments is usually done as more frequently as requires so as verifying the faultiness of the working conditions. On the other hand the procedures to be undertaken are performed as frequently as required .For the instruments waived testing; there is usually a quality check every day so as to meet the requirme4nts of quality care (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2003). Patients satisfaction to the services provided to the hospital and the patient safety are among the quality care that would be enmbraced.stafing is also an issue that will be expressed. The results are recorder chronologically   to ascertain the level of the quality control that have been established.

In the facility the relevant staff that completes thyme service of the equipment is the medical equipment technician. The equipments are usually calibrated on a daily basis. The visit of the states inspectors is usually after every six months. The inspectors usually check on staffing issues to ascertain that there is a relationship with the implementation of quality care and also on the same issues where it affects the hospital operations.
What other information is verified by the state inspectors?

Other information that is verified by the inspectors includes the potential risk and patient capacity within the hospital setup. The services especially in then radiology department are usually of great concern.

Risk management is involved in ensuring that there is total safety at all cost and that all the procedures are followed when handling the patients. In the radiology department, this aspect is highly. In risk management all the necessary precautions are laud forward so as to ensure that the patient’s safety is highly maintained.

The positive outcome at the end of the surveys and the improvement of the services within the hospital servers as an indicator of  compliance  The radiology department has to ensure that their is constant check and that there is skillfulness in handling of the facilities when patient is in radiotherapy (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2003).

The government’s impacts on the hospital accreditation will totally boost transparency in the allocation of the resources every sector since through monitoring and the evaluation of the procedure within the hospital, there will be accountability of all the activities that are taking place within the hospital. On the other hand the contribution by the government will offer effective subsidies that will be able to reduce the cost of treatment and other equipment costs.


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Standards Sampler for Urgent Care Centers



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