Public health research and its examples

The normal distribution, also called the Gaussian distribution, an important member of continuous probability distributions, is very beneficial for the public health research and care. The normal distribution curve is defined by two parameters, location and scale: the mean and variance. The standard normal distribution is the normal distribution with a mean of zero and a variance of one.

The importance of the normal distribution is due to the central limit theorem. Many health care related matters can be can be approximated by the normal distribution and with this health care research can be made more effective. Outbreaks of disease can be researched by the Gaussian curve, the epidemics and endemic pattern and their times can be duly noted and worked upon in time causing less suffering and improving the public health.

The diseases which directly relate to public health and are considered very important such as Cholera, diarrhea, malaria dengue fever, viral, and hemerage fevers can be studied using the normal distribution curve, with the same the sanitary conditions, the age , sex and habits of the people experiencing these diseases can all be taken into the account and Using these data comprehensive health policies can be implemented for the betterment of the society. The data for the mothers who practicies breast feeding can be plotted using normal distribution.

This data can be helpul in developing the number of women affected by the breast cancer and also the infant diseases. By plotting the age of the people in a specific country or a region it can be determined if the people living in that area are either young, middle age or old age. This data is helpful in making the health policies that helps improve the public health and it leads to study that helps to determined if the Chronic disease or nursing care be emphasized, considering the age of the population.

If the population would be younger then the health policies would be more towards maternal , child health juvenile health problems, vaccination ,feeding techniques etc ( Turnock, 2004) With the Normal distribution curve Middle age main prevention continuum from diseases can be inferred and it would be helpful in increasing the standard of the public health. If the Gaussian curve of a disease is plotted for the AIDS data then this could help in early diagnose and treatment of this deadly disease. The wide spread of cancerous disease can be controlled and treated if the Gaussian curve be drawn causing a direct improvement in the public health

Mortality, morbidity (quality of disease e. g. diabetes) incidence (new disease )and prevalence (older diseases) rates and the quality of medical services can all be researched and improved significantly by the normal distribution curve. (Rosner 2005) Cities where motor bikes are common and the use of helmet is not in much practice, and the places where the traffic is uncontrolled resulting in different types minor and major accidents and different type of accidents, limbs injury, head injury etc can also be studying using the normal distribution curve.

Based on these recommendations, suggestions, rules and policies can be made on these and the public health in general can be improved. Hence it can be concluded that the use of normal distribution can greatly benefit the public health research and causing a significant improvement in it.

References : Turnock Bernard J. (2004) Public Health: What It Is and How It Works (Paperback). 3rd Edition Jones and Bartlett Publishers Rosner, Bernard (2005) Fundamentals of Biostatistics. 6 edition Duxbury Press;

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