Psychological traumas

Therefore therapist is to bring out the truth in a way that the client will be able to handle and understand his situation; the counselor being the therapist should give unconditional positive regard and also have concreteness in providing any information about the psychological disorder the client is subjected to.

The importance of the psychodynamic therapy is that it helps the individuals found to be suffering from the personality disorders to response to such conditions positively and also bringing up a number of characteristics including that of self-esteem, having and looking for more goals in life and also learning of new methods of behaving. (Chopra and Kulhara, 1996) The psychodynamic therapy is regarded as the best method used of helping people who suffer from psychological traumas.

This is because many dysfunctions such as traumas resulting form drug abuse, child abuse and other family matters are easily handled by using the patients’ family members who produce a number of information such as personal characteristics that may help the counselor in handling the person affected by the disorders. This is a treatment that may be used by many counselors and that they are advised to per take this therapy with regards to carrying a number of methods used in counseling.

One of them is the supportive method of counseling which is applied in the counseling with an objective of relieving pain caused by depression on the individual and also by doing this the patient is also allowed to recognize himself as an important member of the society. Most of the disorders make individual face loneliness and discriminated from the rest of the people in the society thus such technique is important.

In many cases we find that the therapists, prefer this method since it creates a distinction between external problems and internal changes to be made by the person, the internal changes are meant to help in the assessment of the problems the person is facing, this is usually done by self-evaluation, including the evaluation of other people surrounding the sick person and the expectations of the person in his life.

External changes are usually used in the handling of the existing problems by the use of various management skills including, communication, life management and those required to develop a better relationship with those who are not affected by the disorders. (Basch, 1986) Exposure in counseling plays a major role in helping the people with such disorders; it is usually identified in two forms, one being exposure to the feared solutions which is a method that involves tackling repeatedly a situation that is said to be causing a particular disorder every time it indicates its reappearing.

This is found to be making the person suffering to get used to such a problem until it doesn’t cause more traumas. The second form is the exposure role plays which is said to be a bit similar to that of the exposure to feared situations. The only difference is that this practice is done on a simulative basis; that is one can repeatedly do the activity which is similar to what is causing the disorder.

A good example of this is that when an individual suffering from anxiety always finds it difficult to communicate with his employer, he can therefore try to avoid this problem by trying to talk to someone who is senior to him in the working place and after sometime we find that he will be able to overcome this fear of facing his employer. (Basch, 1986)

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