Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is usually defined as an experimental approach that is aimed at enabling individuals recognize the existence of the relationship between them and their environment surrounding them thus in other words this therapy tries to bring an awareness of ones self and through this awareness we find that change is manifested in the individual. This approach is usually found to be a direct experience with the client thus allowing the individual to be attended specially thus creating more space for development and healing that is achieved through interpersonal contact and also insight.

Depending on the type of the problem an individual is facing. Thus indicating the advantage of this therapy which is found to be that which the client is enabled to practice self-regulation concerning a particular situation or problem that is surrounding him, the goal of this particular approach is to create awareness for the affected individual who is always referred to as a client and this awareness may include the self recognition, acceptance of oneself and also putting one in a position of developing contacts with other members of the society.

This therapy is found to be operating under a number of principles in order to allow the client develop the idea of self regulation, these principles are as follows: Holism psychologists define holism as the principle of the psychodynamic therapy which provides that individuals can only be understood by putting into consideration all functions of the human nature. Therefore we find that this principle regards nature as a united and rational whole, where differences only occur from particular parts. (Eysenck, 1997)

The other principle is that of the field theory which is found to be basically focused on the rule that an individual must be found in its environment that is believed to have caused such problems to the client We also find the psychologists in this field always apply the figure formation process which is believed to describe how the client should organize his surrounding from each and every moment of his life, since some of the environments are believed to be the causative agents for an individual to pay more attention as compared to the factors.

This goes hand in hand with the organismic self-regulation process which is to be a process where the balance of an individual’s life is disturbed as a result of a demand of a particular need, for all this reasons we find the organism process helps to regulate themselves depending on their capabilities of acquiring that particular need.

In this therapy we find that people who are involved are assigned different roles whereby, we find that the therapist has an obligation of engaging and assisting his or her client in the creating of his awareness and how this awareness appear in his present life, thus he is asked to build a relationship with the client whereby the client is enabled to learn and acquire more knowledge about themselves and the therapy they are subjected to.

The other role of the therapist is to ensure and encourage the client accept and recognize their present awareness of their senses. In all this processes then the therapist is to play a major role in the provision of a better environment for the client were he can be able to allow change in both behaviour and being. (Eysenck, 1997)

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