Producing a Radio Advert for the National Heath Service

My objective, create a radio advert for the National Health Service, which will aim to persuade people to take up a career in the National Health Service. To accomplish this, the following will be a written account, stating what actions I took in order to accomplish my objective. Currently, the National Health Service is approaching its fifty fifth year of service, as it was created in nineteen forty eight.

On the thirtieth of September in the year of 1999, the National Health Service employed approximately one million people. In a typical year seventy-two point eight million people will receive help from the National Health Service. There are lots of careers available in the National Health Service: Dentist; a person whose job in the N. H. S. s to clean, extract, or repair natural teeth, Pharmacist; a medical professional trained in the field of preparing and dispensing drugs to patients, Dietitian; trained in the area of, the scientific study of food preparation and intake, Phlebotomist; the medical practice of opening a vein by puncture in order to remove blood, intended as a therapeutic treatment, also known as venesection, Physiotherapist; a therapy that uses physical agents, exercise and massage and other modalities like, surgery, chemotherapy, or electrotherapy, in order to get someone out of plight: strain to a muscle or sprain etcetera.

Over all the National Health Service offers a wide range of medical professions, I have only listed a few. The National Health Service advert that I will be creating must include the names of careers that are not as well known as some, to the public. Doing this will hopefully make the National Health Service sound and feel more interesting to the target audience. If it were to be broadcasted in the morning and evening on the local radio station, teenagers will most likely be listening at that time and depending on the quality of the advert will decide to become part of the National Health Service.

After they have decided, their thoughts may be passed on in conversation to other companions. Those companions may also decide to become part of the National Health Service because; they were told it was the place to be or the job to have. Importantly, by stating over the radio the interesting names for the jobs available in the National Health Service, will result in the process above taking place. Teenagers like things to be interesting and will generally follow interesting ideas.

Psychologically, if people decide on something early on in their lives, they tend to aim for that in their later life. Therefore, my target audience must be teenagers, intelligent enough to decide to become part of the National Health Service. To write an effective radio script we need to consider, The power of the radio, Radio is an intimate medium. Most people listen to the radio when they are alone and they chose their preferable station. In a way, the radio becomes a friend to the listener; a one to one relationship begins.

Because of this, the radio can be very powerful. You are able to speak to the listener, in their personal space. That makes the listener fell comfortable, they will take in the information that is broadcasted to them. Our listeners and the environment, In order to maximise the impact of the advert, we need to understand more about the listener. Is it a male or female? Will teenagers be involved? However, where will the audience listen to the radio, or listen to the advert.

Where is the highest probability, during a car journey, at the breakfast table, in the evening, and on the weekend? If these things are considered carefully we will know when is the best time to broadcast the advert. How we will entertain our listeners, All radio adverts are an invasion of our personal space, privacy and our thoughts at the time; therefore, the audience must welcome the advert that will be produced. If it will attract applicants then the advert has only one obligation; get us hooked.

Adverts must not be boring and irrelevant, that would jeopardize the success that could be gained. Listeners will either not register, mentally or change radio station Stirring peoples emotions, Radio is different from television and magazines, it has only sound. Sound is the only stimulant; our ears do not receive as much information as our eyes. However, that is to an advantage, research proves that radio adverts are particular effective at stirring our emotions. Adverts that are factual, clear, informational and concise are considered to be the least appealing.

But, the above can be effective only if it is used in such a way in order to affect us emotionally, make us visualize what is happening in the advert. Creating a story with characters, Radio tends to be about real life stories, generally, people like a story and effective radio adverts will dramatise a story. Engaging the audience by involving an aspect of their life on the radio, then they will be identifying with the person on the radio. Characters must sound real; they cannot speak like an answering machine.

The audience must know that characters are real, even though they may not be. Dialogue is the main article that will accomplish this. Focussing on a single message, For an advert to be effective in does not want to have more than one message. Adverts do not want to be complicated, the listener may not have the academic ability to unravel the message within and therefore the advert will not be successful. Also, adverts must not be boring or drag on; thirty to sixty seconds should be enough, in order for the message to be carried across.

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