Problem IQ test and security

The importance of family undeniable component in a person’s life. You gain your first education, manners and attitudes from your family. It is known in society, which is sons are more addicted to their mothers than daughters, and daughters are more addicted to their fathers than sons. Krohn and Bogan’s text is about absent fathers have on female development and college attendance. In this essay I intend to evaluate daughter’s mathematical problem, IQ test and security to prove that his argument is not convincing.

Krohn and Bogan states that “Children who experience early father absence inevitably have weaker mathematical than verbal skills and usually find it difficult to adjust well with others although fatherlessness alone does not cause poor adjustment” For my opinion this comment is not valid for every situation because weaker mathematical skills is about intelligence so, fatherlessness may cause sadness but not mental problems For example, one of my friend lost her father when she was studying in primary school but she graduated from Turkish – Mathematics course with a high degree and now, she is in university and studying International Relations.

She has got lots of friends and has no difficulties to adjust well with others so this claim is not sound. Krohn and Bogan mentions that ” Father absence affects how children perform on achievement test and IQ tests inevitably shaping their academic college career” I do not agree with the writer because surely, fatherlessness form some problems like not to be concentrated to the work properly and hyperactivity but for my opinion, it will not be affective in IQ test because human’s IQ sets up at the age of three.

The other knowledges are only addition to this. Krohn and Bogan tells that ” Divorce, death and abandonment are all forms of absence but nevertheless affects female development differently. The age at which a daughter loses her father is meaningful since it influences her perception of males, the world as well as her academic advancement. Fathers play a significant role in female achievement in mathematics”. I do not agree with this comment because I thinkfathers play a role in female achievement in mathemathics but if a girl lost her father ad if she is getting low degrees, she may hire a private teacher and complete the missing parts in mathemathics.

For example, one of my relative lost her father when she was at the age of 15. She did not went to school for a month and surely she missed so much parts in all courses. When she recovered herself and concentrated herself to the school, she hired a private teacher and she worked hard to catch her friends at school. Finally, she cought her friends and passed the class. One time, I asked her that how she did all of this courses finished, and she answered me ” I made it for my father. If I repeat the class, he will be so upset if he was here”. As you can see in some situations, classes and courses play the trigger role to get rid of the sadness so this case is not true in every situation.

Franklin Krohn and Zoe Bogan explains that. “Fatherless daughters compared to those with present father figures are in higher risk of teenage pregnancy, college drop out and low-esteem. In addition fatherless daughters are in higher risk of suicide, homelessness and disorders”. I agree with the writer because every ship needs a harbor in the storm. A daughter wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with a male in some situation. If she cannot make this conversation, she will faltered and do not know what to do. For example, If a girl loves a boy but this boy treats her very bad. She loves him too much but she cannot resist his treatments and she wants a exit way.

I she cannot talk with her closest male, she may not choose the best way and she may do a bad thing for her life. A secure base provided by fathers brings to their daughter’s lives ultimately allowing them to be more focused. It is a reality that every daughter wants to be ” daddy’s little girl”. If she cannot see this safety, and sway between two poles, she cannot distinguish the good and the bad. In conclusion, we can see that there is no substutition for a father’s love and while many females are able to succeed there still exist some part of them that longs to be “daddy’s little girl”. For my opinion, the claims related to the text is not sound.

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