Princples in Health and Social Care Management

Learning outcome 1.4 – Explain ethical dilemmas and conflicts that can arise when providing care, support and protection to users of HSC. Alternatively explain what you would do if you are in any of the following situations, and show your understanding of what a dilemma is. You need to use this case scenarios in order to answer LO 1.4. 1. A pregnant woman is killed from injuries sustained in a car wreck, but the foetus may still be able to sustain life by keeping the mother on life support. The wife had always said she would not want to be kept alive on life support if there was no reasonable expectation of full recovery. Should she be put on life support when her family knew she did not want that and it would be at great expense to the family, and when the woman is already clinically dead?

Understand the theories that
underpin health and social
care practice

3.1 Explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice. a.
3.2 Analyse how social processes impact on users of health and social care services. b.
3.3 Evaluate the effectiveness of inter-professional working

Learning Outcome 4.1 – Explain own role , responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in the context of working with those within and outside the health and social care workplace.

Please link your answer with the following scenario, and imagine you’re in this situation as a carer and what would your role and responsibility will be in dealing with these situations.

Learning Outcome 4.2 – Evaluate own contribution to the development and implementation of Health and social care organisational policy.

Again use the same scenario and talk about if you were in that situation how
you would ensure that the policies are implemented and followed.

Example of policies: Staff training and monitoring and updates on knowledge

Case Study for 4.1 & 4.2
Rio Ross was found dead clutching a Winnie the Pooh toy in July 2007. An inquest found the 14-month-old baby from Bristol died from an overdose of heroin, cocaine and methadone. He died two months after social workers were warned that his mother Sabrina, a former prostitute, was using crack and heroin on top of her methadone, and a month after drug workers agreed to let the pregnant woman take the drug substitute without supervision. A case review by Bristol Safeguarding Children Board, which represents all the agencies supposed to protect children, details a series of failings by social services, drugs agencies, and police, who did not alert their child abuse team when they found the mother and baby at the scene of a drugs raid. Despite listing four critical decisions which left Rio in danger, a summary of the report concluded that no one agency was to blame. But in November, Government watchdog Ofsted ruled that the review itself was inadequate, and ordered a fresh probe, which will report next month. Sabrina Ross, 30, was jailed for five years in June after admitting manslaughter of her son. Her second child, born in December, was placed into foster care. Bristol City Council said no staff had been disciplined in connection with the failure to protect the child. A spokesman said a reconsideration of its review of the case would be submitted to Ofsted next month. On Friday, the council’s director of children’s services, Heather Tomlinson, announced plans to take early retirement, which a spokesman said was entirely unconnected to the review.

Task scenario: You were working as part of the health and social care team dealing with this family before the incident occurred, but now you are reflecting on how you could have helped further to prevent this incident from occurring. Use further sources as required to answer the questions.

You must imagine yourself in any one of the below roles (a-e), and consider what your role, accountabilities and duties were leading up to the event
(4.1); consider whether you could have contributed to the development/implementation of any organisational policies to prevent the incident (4.2); and consider how you will contribute to good practice in the future (4.3). b) Social Worker

Here are the relevant assessment criteria for your reference: 4.1 Explain own role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in the context of working with those within and outside the health and social care workplace 4.2 Evaluate own contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy 4.3 Make recommendations to develop own contributions to meeting good practice requirements

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