Politics & Health Policy

Healthcare policy-making is often regarded as one of the most significant task to perform. It involves greater demands of talent, skills and familiarity in the respective field, more especially with that of the line of Public healthcare and nursing profession. In addition to this, such type of duty in policy-making in the said industry is seen to involve wider effects in the society and in the lives of the people. In this regard, policy-making in healthcare and nursing industry is regarded to have greater demands in leadership and superb analytical skills to ensure its effectiveness and positive outcome.

All of these facts and information are just some of the many valuable insights that are to be learned in reading the broadly known book in the field of nursing and public healthcare policy-making that is entitled as Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care. Certainly, the effectiveness and the accuracy of information provided in the book is ensured through the efforts of various field specialists wherein the book is written by a legion of nursing experts in policy-making and politics namely Diana J. Mason, Judith Kline Leavitt, Mary W. Chaffee.

Throughout the readings of the book, there are various policy issues and politics in healthcare that have been discussed and enlightened in such a way that the readers could raise-up a variety of valuable information in which the readers could primarily utilize in the actual field or profession of healthcare. In a sense, it can be said that reading the book Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care is as important as getting formal studies in the said field wherein the book is seen to be accurate and informative in discussing various industry issues with regard to policy and politics in the nursing and public healthcare profession.

The book provides vital information and touches specific policy issues such as compensation, corresponding therapies, social security, Medicare matters and issues in childcare. In addition to this, Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care also focuses in discussing some of the hottest policy issues which are the likes of Medical Marijuana, Stem Cell Research, and Genetics. In here, it is seen evident as to why the readings that are provided in the book are indeed imperative and noteworthy for it deals with these industry issues that are all seen critical in entering and staying in the fields of nursing and public healthcare.

Moreover, reading and browsing through the pages and chapters of the books does not only provide vital information with regard to various policy and political issues in nursing and healthcare. From a personal point of view, reading and studying closely the information rendered in the book would as well facilitate to the acquisition of new learning, more especially in analyzing policy and political issues in nursing and healthcare industry, which is seen to be one of the significant knowledge in pursuing a career in the said line of work.

In addition to this, reading the book Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care could also be regarded as educational in preparation for the future role of leadership in such profession, specifically in policy-making and public healthcare. The book also pave-the-way for the development of different valuable skills and knowledge for the readers, more especially for the ones who are aspiring for a future leadership role in the healthcare industry, as the facts and information provided in the book are all presented with evidences and have come from reliable field experts.

Thus, the book works in nurturing vital skills in the said profession such as working hand in hand with public officials, conflict management, reaching out with different communities and the appropriate utilization of media in pursuing healthcare policy. In the end, through the facts and information written above, it is apparent that reading the book Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care is indeed informative and significant in cultivating various learning for the readers, more especially for those who are determined to establish a career in healthcare industry.

Thus, through the discussions and analysis of different issues in healthcare and nursing profession, the readers could develop a range of valuable skills in dealing with these healthcare issues, more especially in policy-making and political strategies for healthy future career in healthcare and nursing industry. Reference Mason J. and Leavitt J. and Chaffee M. (2007). Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care: in nursing and health care. St. Louis, Missouri: Saunders Elsevier

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