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“I confirm this is my own work and not copying from my classmate or any other sources without acknowledging” Question 1: summary two articles What is Plastic Surgery? From the annotation of Oxford Dictionary, plastic surgery means the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons. Plastic surgery is an extraordinary surgery that can renovate patient’s appearance and promote self-image. Reconstructive procedures repair the deficiency which on the face or body.

Besides, Cosmetic procedures can alter any part of body that the person is not satisfied with. It is a medical operation that is intended to improve a person’s appearance rather than their health. Nowadays, plastic surgery gradually popularize in the population of young people and adults. Teens view plastic surgery as a way to make themselves more recognition by friends and peers. On the other hand, adult see plastic surgery as a way to stand out from the crowd and be unique than the others. “Plastic surgery is unlikely to change your life”, it is not a necessary to undergo surgery to change our appearance.

It is better to consult doctor for more accurate information and advice about plastic surgery. In fact, there are an array of things should be taking under consideration. “Look before you leap”, it is unnecessary to take plastic surgery because of the diffident of the appearance. Taking exercise or having healthy diet can let a person look younger and healthier. Moreover, people who are emotional, depressed, self-critical are advised to seek help from therapist or doctor but not perform plastic surgery. The risks and dangers of plastic surgery are also should not be neglected.

Finding a professional surgeon is a must before getting operated by plastic surgery. In addition, the aspects and history related to the patient’s health carry immense importance. Patient should also understand some common general risks and dangers before going ahead with the surgery. The risks include bleeding, infections, seromas, scarring, necrosis, nerve damage and adverse reactions to Anesthesia. Self-Esteem is about how much you feel you are worth and how much you feel other people value you. A high self-esteem people are realistic and optimistic, they know their weakness and features well.

On the other hand, body image is how you view your physical self. There are wide spectrums of points that influence a person’s self-esteem. First of all, puberty and development is the only way which any must passed in our life. Teens hope that they can be accepted by peer and compared with others. Secondly, media images and other outside influences may also affect how the teens feel about their body image. Besides, some families might be too focused on the outlook of their children or criticize the kid’s look. The negative comments and hurtful teasing may affect a person’s body image and self-esteem.

A healthy self-esteem is vital than a positive body image. Healthy attitude allows us to discover in different aspect of growing up. Developing good friendships, becoming independent and challenging yourself physically and mentally can help boost your self-esteem. Moreover, a positive, optimistic attitude can help people develop strong self-esteem. People are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a good mood everyday. To improve body image, there are several tips on doing that. Recognize that your body is your own, no matter what shape or size it comes in.

A healthy body is the most important things rather than the body shape. Furthermore, identify which aspects or your appearance you can realistically change and which you can’t. Nothing is perfect; you need not to change yourself to be accepted by the others. If there are things about yourself that you want to change and can, do this by making goals for yourself. Next, face the negative comments with positive mind, being optimistic and not to strike down by the challenge. Communicate with the person who is trustworthy and believable when you are depressed or face any problems.

For example, parent, coach, religious leader, and guidance counselor who are support you and do not bring you down. Question 2: Search for, describe and comment on one local case and one foreign case of actual voluntary plastic surgery China’s case: This is an article from “Tencent news (???? )”. There is a 26 year-old China girl Coco who joined the blind date for more than 200 times among five years, but she rejected all the man because all of them do not accord with her ideal boyfriend. Due to her beautiful appearance and good shape, her ideal boyfriend must conform to “tall”, “wealthy” or “handsome” (?,? ,? ) either two conditions. When she met her ideal boyfriend, she started to change herself with plastic surgery. She has been undergone the plastic surgery up to 5 times. 5 times plastic surgery: 1st: double eyelid operation 2nd: unhairing (removed unwanted hair) 3rd: reshape the face 4th: rhinoplasty 5th: augmentation chin Coco is struggle with her own look which criticizes by the other. She started to compare herself among friends and peer. All the negative comments have influenced Coco’s self-esteem, especially she is sensitive to others people’s comments.

5 times plastic surgery involved high risks and dangerous. At the end, Coco gained plastic surgery failure. When she is sitting on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, she is infected with obsessive-compulsive disorder. In my opinion, everyone has their only special features. It is not a worth to change yourselves because of others gossips. Be yourself is much more important to compare with each other. “When you hear negative comments coming from within, tell yourself to stop” try to focus on what’s unique and interesting about yourself. There are one and only you and me in this world.

We must appreciate our father and mother who give birth us, treasure what you have today unless you are not disability. In addition, plastic surgery is not 100% recover the defects. However, plastic surgery maybe leads to side effect for the patient who is not healthy enough. The aspects and history related to a patient’s health is very vital. Before taking plastic surgery, think about why you should do this decision. There are many things you can do rather than plastic surgery. Plan to exercise everyday, eat healthy food and keep happy face all the day is the other effective way.

Moreover, think positively, always get in touch with natural will let us feel comfortable and gain a healthy lifestyle. The most important things are giving us three compliments every day. Throw all the bad things that happened yesterday, spend your new day in positive, forward-moving action and thought. All the problems can be solving. Hong Kong’s case: Hong Kong media reported that a local actress Queenie (??? ) disclosure that she has been undergone plastic surgery for almost 30 times. In recent days, she is going to Taipei for rhinoplasty, because of the failure surgery that has been done before.

Although she has been failed in the surgery, she does not give up. She shares her experience and the cosmetic process through Weibo for all her supporters. Queenie has been in a relationship with a billionaire. However, when they broke up Queenie started to step on the path to cosmetic surgery. Now, she is a 40 year old TVB artist. Although she is a public figure, she has never denied the fact of plastic surgery. In the interview, she announced that she had tried one new cosmetic treatment almost once a week.

She told the audience that plastic surgery is not a small operation. Plastic surgery involved high risk and dangerous, we could not imagine the aches and pains that a person should go through in the plastic surgery. Moreover, she also advised that we should not underestimate the side-effect of the plastic surgery. Otherwise the sequela of the surgery will let you a lifelong regret. In my opinion, plastic surgery brings more harm than benefit. If you are only hope to change your appearance to fit in the others, it is not a necessary to make the changes.

The plastic surgery experts said that most of the doctor will tell the patient about the risk of the operation, but do not eliminate that some of the informal institutions just for the sake of interests. Besides, plastic surgery can be very expensive and it is usually not covered by medical insurance. The high operation fees are not everyone can afford. There may also be a financial loss due to time taken off for the recovery after the surgery. Before undergoing plastic surgery, discover more and research about the surgery. Collect more information from the doctor or listen to the advice that given by the others who has experience.

Some of the people may addict to plastic surgery, they will easily fluctuate by the comments. A person who is addicted to plastic surgery, he is willing to spend all his money to alter the part of body he is not satisfied with. Plastic surgery cannot 100% promote your self-esteem. Patient should not rely on plastic surgery to change a new life. A positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle are a great combination for building good self-esteem. Think positively and maintain bon humeur everyday. This is the most important things to build your confidence and show the best of you to everyone rather than taking plastic surgery.

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