Physician Parent relationship

With the three major traditional ways that the Hmongs use, it could be noticed that the most important factor there is that has strong possibilities of being incorporated in a medical process is the use of herbal medicine. Whereas on the other hand, the western medical practice deals with the application of modern technology as well as with the modern procedures of medicating the patient through synthetic substances.

The clashing values on each side’s process of healing made the case of Lia harder to solve due to this particular situation in the differences of approach on the part of the cultural ancestors of the child compared to that of the approach of healing on the part of modern medicine. 3. Lia Lee`s illness presents a family crisis. Identify positive coping strategies and strengths that you observe in the Lee family. Things got really off the hook when the clashing of the values of those who would want to help Lia recover from her health situation.

However, it could not be denied that whatever happened through the story, the family of Lia stayed intact. The idea is to insist that even though there are different aspects of the situation that could primarily affect the family ties of Lia, they stood together and continued supporting the process of healing just to be able to see Lia in better physical situation again. The decision on whether to accept the offered medical treatment or not presented a real hard situation for Lia’s family. Assessing that they are aboriginals and are traditional in terms of culture, it could be observed that the situation was indeed tough to consider.

This is the reason why it is very important to consider both the medical and the cultural values involved in the issue and how they are impacting on the situation of the patient. 4. Consider the roles of the nurse in community health practice. What are culturally appropriate interventions for working with the Lee family? In any healing process, it should be realized that the involvement of the family, the relatives as well as the society that roams around the patient is a very important factor of the restoration process for the patient being treated Hence, in this section, a more culturally sensitive protocol shall be created:

1. Creation of a Physician-Parent relationship This would help the physician and the parents of the patient work together through the incorporation of the cultural practices of the family in the medical process. The physicians must study if the herbal medicines would do no harm in reaction to the existing medical processes applied towards the patient. In a way, this could take time, but carefully considering things with regards the issues involved in the medication could even shorten the period of healing that is required for the patient.

2. Integration of the Processes Close enough to the first stage; this involves more of the cultural or ethnic chieftains of the group where the patient belongs to. Their realization of the fact that some of their rituals may not be that applicable on the situation of the patient and thus would not be incorporated into the system, would help them cooperate with the healing process provided by the medical experts. 5. Would you assign blame for Lia`s tragedy? If so, to whom? If not, why not?

Seeing the situation in a broader perspective, it could be observed that there needs to be nobody to be at fault on what has happened. Obviously, everyone involved in the process simply wants to help Lia in her process of being healed. However, it is the clashing of values of the two parties of medication that actually made the situation hard to deal with. This is the reason why the application of culture and modern medicine merging should be given ample attention by the medical officers of the modern society today. BIBLIOGRAPHY Books: Anne Fadiman. (1999). The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.

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