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1. What is psyllium? 2. Know who Hippocrates and Galen are. Galen A Greek physician that came up with the humoral system Hippocrates- The father of medicine and attempted to explain illness by the four humors of the body 3. Know what these amendments are: Kefauver-Harris –requires manufactures to prove the effectiveness of the product before marketing them Durham-Humphrey – mandating that certain drugs require prescription by a physician 4. Diethylene Glycol what used for? To make medicine taste better 5.

Pharmacy, medicine and religion were all intertwined in ancient times. True *6. Know what these bodies do: The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists – founded to establish the minimum standards for pharmaceutical services in the hospitals FDA- Food and drug administration established by congress to enforce rules regarding the sale of foods and drugs DEA- Drug enforcement administration 7. Know about the pharmacopeia- Official listing of drugs *8. Louis pasture A French scientist who developed the germ theory Germ theory.

– A theory that proved that some diseases are caused by bacteria 9. Eber’s papyrus – An ancient document that lists herbs and drugs still used today 10. Know what the hum oral system is.The treatment plan based that diease is caused by an imbalance of one or more of the four humors of the body 11. OBRA ‘90 -12. Know what Good manufacturing practices are Regulation that set the minimum standards for human and veterinarian drug -13.

Drug-drug interaction An event that may occur when two incompatible drugs are being used together drug disease interaction an interaction created by the addition of a new drug that will cause a problem with the condition of the patient 14. What is microbiology? The study of microscopic organisms 5. What is a TPN? Therapy design to give nutrition to patients that cannot or will not take nourishment through the mouth 16. Nuclear pharmacies – A special area that focus on compounding and dispensing radioactive materials for the use of nuclear medicine procedures.

Hospital pharmacies Pharmacies responsible for supplying the medications to the patients while their stay long term care pharmacies service nursing homes in a state or regional area17. online adjudication Submitting an insurance claim for a prescription through a modem and receiving a response indicting the amount of coverage *18. Know about Durable supplies Reusable medical equipment convalescent medical supplies unusable medical equipment like braces, band-aids 19.

What do telepharmacies pharmacies do Uses audio and video links so that a pharmacist can perform the final check and patient counseling for a patient in a remote site satellite pharmacies do a pharmacy in addition to the central pharmacy that is stocked with only the general medications used in that area 20. parenteral dosage form 21.

Bowl of Hygeia The symbol of pharmacy, named after the daughter of a mythical God *22. Triage The process of which the urgency of each situation is determined and the one with the most urgency is resolved first *23. JCAHO The association that makes sure all the hospitals are working correctly every 3 years 24. Hand washing 25. Pharmacy technician certification board.

26. Professionalism Term to describe the conduct of a person who has the knowledge and skills of a profession 27. Medication error is important or no to pharmacies? It is very important because we must make sure that an error does not occur in order to the safety of the patient 28. what is quality assurance? 29. affective behavior Important aspects of professionalism like attitude, cooperation, knowledge, and skills. 30. preceptor An experienced technician that supervises a student during their clinical31.

be able to describe what an investigational drug is in a few a sentences An investigational drug is a drug that has been submitted a new drug application to the fda . this means that it is approved to begin trails in humans. Exact records of medications must be keptand all tasks are done under supervision of a pharmacist. 32. be able to compare and contrast scope of practice and standards of practice in a paragraph. The scope of practice is the list of functions that pharmacy techs can preform . while the standards of practice are guidelines that require a tech to do.

What does it take to be a pharmacist? Pharmacy involves more than just handing out drugs, otherwise anyone could do it. “A pharmacist is a health professional who follows instruction from physicians regarding the amount of education to distribute” (“Pharmacy …

Today many people are sick and disabled. I’ve seen many people that have become sicker than what they normally were. Illness brings problems that can be quite devastating, and it can lead to depression. I’ve always question my self and …

Pharmacy careers have always been some of the most favorable and rewarding in the medical industry. Different kinds of pharmacists have been around for hundreds of years, as there always has been and will be a need for medicine in …

A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is an expert on pharmaceutical drugs and how they act to fight disease and improve the health of the patient. Pharmacists are responsible for the implementation of drug therapy with the intention of …

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