Pharmacy in school

My deep seated quest and desire to join the field of Pharmacy in school and later serve my country and humanity at large as a pharmacist can probably be traced back to my early childhood, and specifically at the age of 6. It is perhaps my father’s ailing health and related concerns that are discussed later in this paper that made me want to get into pharmacy so that I could rescue others in such conditions if not my own dad.

As a humane person, I must acknowledge that it has always been my pleasure to assist those in dire need of any type of assistance, while one of my personal policies is to change the world through touching the hearts of those immediately next to me. If this was to be a part and a responsibility for each of us, I believe we would make this world a better place for ourselves, our children and many other generations to come. As stated earlier, my dad suffered from a disease that was later to be confirmed as leprosy when I was six years old.

However, due to the inefficiencies and lack of proper knowledge regarding health and diseases in general, his case never got the family attention in time leading to costly consequences. Firstly, he lost his leg through amputation, which was shortly followed by muscular atrophy. Health personnel, whether in the nuclear or extended family would no doubt have noticed the seriousness of the matter, and the devastating consequences would probably have been averted.

It is this misfortune that probably first set the urge in me to work in the health provision field. This urge to work as a pharmacist was further given more impetus by the poor health care system in my homeland, Vietnam. There are few health care facilities and even fewer health care personnel. This means that the provision of quality health care to our people still remains a dream, which each of us would certainly want to see transformed to reality.

Additionally, in the simple economic principle of demand, supply and cost, the cost of health care in Vietnam has therefore gone up for the simple reason that the demand is high and the supply low. The poor can therefore not access quality health care, a status quo that can, and indeed will change when we get more health care workers. Joining Pharmacy school and later working as a pharmacist would also be a big milestone in achieving both my career and other life objectives. I have always known that only through hard work can I pursue my goals and make my dreams come true.

Consequently, in school, I have always worked hard and beaten all odds to maintain a 4. 0 overall GPA while still working well over 30 hours a week as a manicurist. I also work on part-time bases as a cashier in a restaurant besides volunteering in compounding services which I consider a social responsibility that gives me a chance to give back to the society. In addition, I also volunteer in car washing and selling food of stuffs, all whose proceeds go to destitute and children’s home in Vietnam.

Working as a pharmacist would therefore give me even a much better chance enabling my personal growth and that of my family, while giving back to my society in my dream profession. Being the first born and therefore shouldering most of my siblings and family responsibilities, working as a pharmacist would give me the package that would help me meet all such responsibilities, thereby not benefiting me alone but also my family and my community at large.

From the foregoing, that I have a passion for health and related activities is beyond doubt, and probably explains why I choose to pursue a career in pharmacy. Knowing well that only when our people are healthy can all the other objectives, whether at personal, national or even global levels be accomplished, I therefore would feel privileged to be among in the frontline in provision of health care, working among those who make health a reality for all. It is indeed the school of Pharmacy that will make all the foregoing come true.

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