Pharmacology and Service User

The benefits of the Prescription Services in health and social settings are that the pharmacy is to dispense medication to people. This also means that the pharmacists are the ones responsible for the quality of medicines supplied to patients, ensuring that the supply of medicines is within the law, ensuring that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable and advising patients about medicines, including how to take them, what reactions may occur and answering questions asked by patients.

One of the benefits of the Electronic Prescription Service is that it enables prescribers – such as GPs and practice nurses – to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser (such as a pharmacy) of the patient’s choice to prescribe and dispense medication in a much safer and more convenient ways for patients.

Health and social care users will benefit from this service as it makes it quicker for the GP’s to prescribe medicine in a faster and more advanced way, for example the service user will not be delayed in picking up the prescribed medicine as the pharmacy would already have the hold of the prescription before the arrival of the patient , this would benefit both service users and the pharmacy as they would have a faster and better service in picking up prescription, however one of the disadvantages this service brings to both clients and the service provider is that, if there was an error in the prescription service tit may delay the patient as the pharmacy would have to get in touch with the GP in order to fix the problem this would have delayed the service user after their arrival at the pharmacy.

Another benefit of this service would be that the customers will benefit from the prescription service as the medication comes from trusted local pharmacy and would have been prescribed by dedicated team of UK registered doctors and nurses who are qualified and registered with the Care Quality Commission. Another way service user may benefit from this service is that the service user can apply at home or in-store and also the pharmacy provide same day collection or next day home delivery.

This service also gives the service user the opportunity to have the choice of where to get their medicines from, this is because this service allows them to choose where they can get their medicines for example, they can purchase it where they live or where they work.

This Gradi Konga BTEC Health and social care unit 43 service also makes it easier for the service users as they don’t have to wait as long as they would normally wait this service is also a 24hour service which also means that the patients are supported at any time and it also gives the service user independence as they have less time to spend at the GP which means they don’t have to spend time booking with the GP in order to get hold of their medicines.

This is also beneficial to the individuals with mobility problems as it makes it easier for them to just pick up their prescription even if they are out doing personal shopping’s.

Another way service users can benefit from this service is that the fact that it’s the job of the pharmacy to ensure that all patients receive the right medicines, it also ensures that the GP is not giving the patient the wrong type of medicine as the pharmacy will have enough time to look at the service users case and see if they are being given the right medication for their treatment as sometimes GP’s can make mistakes, this may be dangerous to the patient as if they are given the wrong medication in can lead to a serious health illness or possibly lead to death. One of the disadvantages of the prescription service is that the pharmacy can give the patient overdose or underdoes of their medication.

If the services user is unaware of the medication that they are supposed to be given they may fall victim of not knowing when the wrong medicine is being given to them as the patient might have cognitive problems which will not allow them to think for themselves to double check if they have the correct medication. http://www. barntonpharmacy. com/services.

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