Pharmaceutical Studies and Research

The inspiration I have for obtaining a PhD in Pharmacy first springs from the history of my family, my having come from an underclass and limited education background. It has always been my hope and dream that I would rise above the demeaning situation of my ancestors and my childhood, aiming to lift myself out of poverty and oppression through my own self will and courage as well as with the assistance from others.

Wanting to aspire to the doctoral level while holding a heartfelt history of neglect and broken dreams have been passionately intertwined, my enthusiasm for higher goals and increased knowledge driven more acutely by the fact that I sincerely know what it is like to be without those privileges. My vision to acquire the highest level of career professionalism is married to my quest for success and rising to new heights, and I hope to be challenged in my education and aided in my pursuits.

As a Vietnamese immigrant who has been in this country for the past seven years, I know what it is like to enter into unchartered territory with courage and ambition. Overcoming the language barriers and financial struggles has not been easy, but my drive and will to continually strive for the best of what life has to offer has been my motivation. With a worldly background and a sense of what it means to overcome great odds, I have the experience of someone who has traveled far and wide both physically and spiritually.

My mental and emotional processes are much more well rounded than someone who has only been locked into one certain class or one certain region, and my experience in moving through a multifaceted world only lends to a heightened comprehension of how the planet moves and breathes in diversity. As a graduate from the University of New Mexico in Chemistry, I have acquired a breadth of knowledge in math and science and have been amply challenged in my studies.

Conducting extensive research at the graduate level, I have already published two professional papers and was honored by being invited to teach as an assistant for one semester of Physical Chemistry. Both my self directed work at the university and the recognition of my mastery by my professional peers attest to the fact that I am a well educated and deeply intelligent and driven person. In addition to my studies, I have devoted my time and energy to volunteer work, dedicating myself to two years of experience in hospitals as well as one year as a social worker in a homeless shelter.

While aspiring to great heights, I don’t ever want to forget the poor and the needy, the sick and oppressed, for those are the people who I most desire to help through the furthering of my education. My interest in science and healthcare as well as my ability to work as a team player within social networks and organizations both further the reasoning as to why I would be a beneficial addition to the doctoral program.

It has never been my desire to forget ethics or ignore others, for engaging in human interaction and valuing moral dignity is what carries humanity to greater heights and buoys the scientific professionalism of this modern era in the world of global enterprise. There is a valuable purpose to remember to value oneself, one’s family, one’s history, one’s community, and one’s world.

The smallest of the small are intimately connected to the greatest of the great, and it is through the pursuit of modern science that many people from all walks of life and all types of regions are benefitting from the fruits of modern medicine. My devotion to education and research is not separate from a global vision for health and humanism, rather, my passion for pharmacy is intertwined in the most principled ways to bettering the quality of all human life.

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