Personalized Nutrition Plan Assignment

Introduction This paper will explain a health or nutritional problem that I can for see as a result of family history. This paper will also identify the health/nutrition problem that will be targeted as well as my nutritional and/ or physical exercise goals. However, this paper will explain how I intend on meeting each goal. This paper will address how my plan may be adjusted to fit any changing nutritional needs as a result of age. In this paper I will describe anticipated setbacks or difficulties and approaches for overcoming them.

On the other hand, this paper will describe outcomes I will use to measure success. In conclusion, this paper will give evidence of my plans effectiveness in addressing the identified problem or need and evaluate the potential health risk that may develop if my plan is not implemented. Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan To start my family has a history of cancer. According to chapter 5 of the readings, cancer is linked to fat in the diet. Consequently, my family members that have passed away I would not have known his and her eating habits.

Therefore, I do not know if bad eating habits contributed to his and her illness leading to death. Nevertheless, this would be something interesting to look further into however, according to chapter 5 of the text cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and is estimated that 30 to 40% of cancers are linked to dietary choices. To illustrate more my auntie passed away from leukemia, which attacks the blood and can spread throughout the body to other organs, such as the liver spleen, and lymph nodes.

In addition, she battled with leukemia for about 7 years. At the time I did not know much about leukemia and still not quite up to date so I researched and found that risk factors for leukemia for most people, the cause is unknown. As a result, there is no known way to prevent it. www. webmd. com Equally important, scientific evidence suggests that nutrition may play a role in cancer prevention. But no diet has been shown to slow or reverse cancer-and no diet cures cancer.

Researchers are interested in antioxidants-vitamins A (particularly beta carotene), C,E and selenium- but are also studying folic acid, vitamin B-6, magnesium, zinc, coenzyme Q10, and phytonutrients (substance in food that seem to prevent cancer), among others. Also, observational studies have shown that cancer is more common is some people with certain dietary habits. www. webmd. com In the future, I will set realistic physical activities such as choosing activities I know I will stick with as well as enjoy. Below are steps I plan to use daily while staying physically active.

* I have not walked in awhile therefore; I plan to start walking again for about 30 minutes a day. * Start using my exercise videos more (hip hop abs) for about 30 minutes a day. * I purchased a belt that stimulates the muscle in the belly; I will start back using it while I lift weights. * Days I don’t walk I will ride my treadmill for about 45 minutes. In addition to setting these goals I know I have to take certain actions to meet each one. Such as stick with it once I start, another would be not to procrastinate.

Two years ago I made it a daily routine to exercise however, starting school and work makes it more challenging to stick with such goals. As a result, I rarely walk, use my exercise videos, or ride my treadmill. In the same way, from this day forward I plan to get back on track because at my age staying healthy and in shape is important. Moreover, I don’t feel I need to alter my eating habits because as I said earlier eating healthy is important to me now that I’m at the age I am. I mainly, need to get back into physical activities and they would include walking and exercising.

As far as the weather goes for me to walk I can always either go to a gym or ride my treadmill when the weather does not permit me to walk outside. During, the time of planning a new outlook on life and health I know I will endure some setbacks. However, my main approach to overcome any setbacks would be to make myself a timeline of important things I need to do and follow it. This help me before, I got out the swing of things when I began taking these online courses and working along with getting temporary custody of my grandchildren.

According to my pyramid at the beginning of this course my energy intake is lower than my estimated energy requirement for the day. With that said outcomes I will use to measure my success will be to expend more energy or calories than I take in thus, keeping the weight off and staying fit. According to Web MD exercise can help control fatigue, muscle tension, and anxiety in those with cancer. Patients tend to feel better if he or she does exercises such as walking or swimming, which calm the mind as well as strengthen the body.

Exercise has also been shown to improve the outcome associated with cancer treatment. www. webmd. com In conclusion, the only potential health risks that I can for see if my plan is not implemented would be obesity. On the other hand, while walking is good for the heart, heart disease could be a potential health risk for me. Of course, I know exercising will not necessarily protect me from heart disease. Incorporating a heart healthy diet will limit cholesterol, Tran’s fat, and saturated fat these have just enough calories to maintain a healthy weight, and provide plenty of fiber, antioxidants, and B vitamins.

Additionally, to reduce my risk of cancer of any kind I will certainly stop smoking after, nearly completing this paper I came across a paragraph that stated to remember; do not use tobacco in any form. With that said my overall health is not in the shape I thought it was because I smoke which puts me in danger of heart disease, and lung cancer. In the same way, I’m working on putting down the cigarettes, mainly because I know they are not healthy and another reason is the job where I work only allows us to smoke on our 30 minute break.

Most days I don’t have smoking on my mind because I work in a hospital and it is very busy thus, making it impossible to go outside and across the street to smoke. In summary, this paper explained health and nutritional problems that I can for see as a result of family history. This paper also identified the health/nutrition problem that will be targeted as well as my nutritional and/or physical exercise goals. However, this paper explained how I intend on meeting each goal. This paper addressed how my plan may be adjusted to fit any changing nutritional needs as a result of age.

This paper described anticipated setbacks or difficulties and approaches for overcoming them. On the other hand, this paper described outcomes I will use to measure my success. This paper presented evidence of my plans effectiveness in addressing the identified problem or need and evaluated the potential health risk if the plan is not implemented. This paper also described the current dangers that I put my health in by smoking I however, for about 3 months have worked toward becoming smoke free I plan to get some type of stop smoking aide to help me accomplish my goal and to save my life.

Finally, when I knew that I would be taking this class I just knew it not only would be a breeze but I would know everything and get through the 9 weeks with no problem. This is not true I struggled in this class but learned a lot of new and useful information. And to further gain knowledge I will refer back to this class in between my other classes. I have learned more in the past 9 weeks than I have learned throughout life. Additionally, conversing with my classmates about nutrition was also a learning experience that I enjoyed. References www. webmd. com University Readings Chapter 5 (2010).

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