Personal Health Assessment

Keeping yourself healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually will help you build; develop a happy, productive life. Studies were done and it was found that people who volunteer, go to church, or belong to a club are more likely to have better health than people who don’t engage in social activities on a routine basis. This information that I read I found to be very interesting only because I guess I never realized how active someone can stay and be involved and you can maintain good health.

People in this day and time have become so content with being relaxed in their own comfort zone they tend to forget how important it is to maintain adequate and good health. Now I do know there are things we can not prevent and if something was to happen with our health it would be up to us to try and maintaining it from getting worse or become nonchalant about it.

The world today have plenty of individuals whom are not taking their lives seriously and that is why we have so many illnesses and people becoming sick. The three dimensions where I feel I am strong at our interpersonal wellness and social wellness, I say this because I love giving advice to those whom seem to be more depressed or insecure about their health in their lives, and you never know, the words you tell someone can bring positive insight for them to improve their health.

The second one is Intellectual wellness, I feel even though I am not where I should be in my health I maintain a positive image and no what I can do to improve my health. When you maintain a high self esteem about your life and body no matter what is told to you by someone or even someone that is dealing with what you are dealing with, your self esteem and confidence can rise above it all.

The third one is spiritual, when someone goes through tough times such as job loss, death, or anything that can cause a set back in your health it can cause you to tend not to care about yourself and you can do more harm to yourself like that by not taking care of yourself. When you allow yourself to be spiritual and focus on good things and blessings that are being bestowed you, you have no choice but to do right and not allow for negative things cause you to mess with our health.

A dimension I feel I need to improve on would be Physical Wellness, I say this because I am the type who set out goals for myself, however I do not stick through with them and then when I feel myself starting to take steps back, such as eating things I know I have no business eating or not taking my blood pressure medicine, I can not get upset with anyone but myself. Physical wellness should be important to everyone, some people however do not take their lives seriously and then when it time to become It can sometimes be too late.

I have learned over some years by watching those that mean a lot to me let their lives become of nothing because they do not worry about their physical appearance or the foods that they eat, and even though you can give them all the advice to try and persuade them they are determined to do what they feel and what they want to do. I would love to work on not eating so much spicy food; I have been eating spicy things since I was a little girl and I have read up on it that it can mess your stomach up and it become hard for your stomach to manage things you eat.

I have since seen that the older I get the harder it is for me to tolerate spicy things, another habit I would like to work on is taking my blood pressure medicine, I have had high blood for about nine years now and I am very stubborn when it comes to taking medicine, I do not like to become dependent on it, but to keep from having aneurisms or any other major complications I know I must take it. I am looking forward to learning the importance on how to maintain a healthy body or getting back to having a healthy body and I really think this course will help me a lot.

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