Personal and Professional Development

This is the skills acquired by a person whether its through work experience or education. There are many different types of skills whether academic, gross motor or interpersonal communication skills. Knowledge: This can mean the confident understanding of a subject with the ability to use for a specific purpose. Whether it’s for practical or mental use, this can be learning, reasoning, communication and association. This is also the understanding that has been achieved during life through either experiences or through studying.

Practice: This is most commonly known as the learning method: this could mean re-enacting an activity over and over again or could be rehearsing behaviour over again. This could be either sports or when learning a musical instrument which both take practice in order to achieve results. This could be working in order to achieve a goal or could also describe the way in which something is done. I can talk to people that I have know for a while confidently I need to be more confident when talking to others. I also need to speak slower and louder Communicating non-verbally.

I find it easy to express my feelings on paper rather than orally. I use the correct punctuation where need I need to greatly improve my spelling in order for people to understand what I am saying more easily Using ICT I can use all Microsoft applicants and use all of them to at least the basic level. I can also use computers to produce graphs and charts in order to show information I am not particularly good at using Microsoft Excel but I am sure that it is nothing that a little practice can’t solve Using the internet I am very good at using the internet.

I can browse the net easily to do and find almost anything I need at that moment I need to be able to learn more about potentially harmful sites and I am always using websites that may affect my pc Numeracy I can add, subtract and divide a certain amount of number in my head. I can also use a calculator and read graphs and tables I am hopeless at algebra, trigonometry, frequency charts, fractions, percentages and working out large and complicated sums in my headSometimes I feel extremely intimidated and so I barely contribute and don’t suggest much within the group Technical skills.

I don’t really have any technical skills yet but I am very willing to learn to further my knowledge I need to learn more of these Research skills I can use the internet and the library in to order to find information that is needed. I can make surveys and questionnaires to aid my research I find it hard to skim read so it means I take up time reading a whole chapter rather than just a little bit. Knowledge of relevant legislation for work experience I don’t know exact legislations but I do know roughly what is allowed and is not I need to find out more about the legislations passed in order for me to do the right thing in my work experience.

Part time or voluntary work I presently work at Pizza Hut part time answering phones and making orders I feel that my current job does not relate to my aspirations and would much more prefer a job with more relevance to the course such as part time nursery work Previous work experience I have had work experience in a Infant school which helped me realise that I would really love to work with young children when I am older I have only at present seen teaching and so I am still unsure about the correct career option for me therefore I definitely need more experience.

Task Two – Career Aspirations When I do complete my national diploma in health and social care I hope to go on to university in order to do a degree in hopefully nursing which at present is my aspired career. I wish to be a nurse as I am sure it will be a very rewarding career to get into. I have always wanted to do a job in which I can help people as it is what I believe I am good at. Within nursing I would prefer to go into a paediatric ward however, as I am definitely better at working with children than any other age range.

In 2010 the Affordable Care ACT was signed into law. With these laws, the United States is being provided an opportunity to completely redesign its health care system. The model includes heath care that is easier to access, affordable by …

Future of Professional Nursing Development: Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report Future of nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2010) is a report issued by the Instituted of Medicine, which “calls on nurses to take a greater role in America’s …

In this commentary I am going to discuss one episode that occurred during one of my practice days on placement. This will be specifically related to learning outcome number 3: demonstrate an understanding of the professional role of the nurse …

Future of Professional Nursing Development: Impact of the Institute of Medicine Report Future of nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2010) is a report issued by the Instituted of Medicine, which “calls on nurses to take a greater role in America’s …

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