Performing of the programme

This was very irritating as it meant I wasn’t able to do as much work on my arms, because I could only work one, I also couldn’t maintain activities such as burpies, press ups, squat thrusts etc because that would accord putting a lot of pressure on my hand, which would increase recovery period. Diary – Circuit Three Although my hand was under a lot of pressure on this circuit because it was quite close to my injury I feel that I coped with it well, and I think my results improved for what I was doing. I was very annoyed and restricted with what I was able to do. This injury got me down, but I knew it would be better soon and had to live with it. I was feeling motivated before I started my circuit and I tried my very best. After the warm up I felt quite out of breathe, but I soon recovered ready to begin my circuit.

I feel that this went reasonably well, and I felt more Diary – Circuit Five This was the best circuit that I carried out; I felt relaxed all the way through and enjoyed performing it. I really wanted to do well because I knew it was my last one. My results had increased and I felt good about myself when I finished. I was very hot, tired and sweaty after i had finished this is because… Evaluation Planning of the programme: Considering my results improved I think I chose the right targets, although I was hoping my stamina second result would have been better. I think the targets I chose were necessary because it will help me improve in netball. If I was to carry out this training programme again I think I would set myself higher targets, because my stamina result didn’t improve by a great deal. Of course my injury didn’t help matters but despite this I still believe I could have done better.

My exercises within my programme were balanced, I positioned them in the correct place so I could do leg exercises, then arms, then abdominals etc. I did this whilst planning my training programme because I knew if I did all work on my abdominals, then biceps and triceps etc, each set of muscles will be very tired, whereas if I did biceps, then abdominals then hamstrings and quadriceps ect the muscles would be balanced, and wouldn’t be tired in one period of time.

I applied the principals of progression and overload in my training programme by, starting off with just completing my circuit once within 30 seconds on each station, and towards the end of my training sessions, I would set myself higher targets e.g, my press ups on my first attempt were 17, so I tried to aim for 20 the next time, and gave myself achievable targets to complete. Another method I could have applied would have been performing each station for a longer amount of time, for example doing each station for 45 seconds rather than 30 etc.

Performing of the programme: Applying the principles of training to my programme was an essential technique to consider. SPOR were the principles which needed to be applied, and I think I covered this well. Specificity was applied to the whole programme because I was working on improving two different skills, strength and stamina. Progression was made, because each session you aim to do more than the last one, and this generally happened. Over the whole training session progression was vastly impacted. Overload was important to obtain in order to improve, by overloading the muscles in order to improve strength and stamina. I applied reversibility to my programme by doing a session every week so that my fitness level did not decrease.

Overall I think I chose the correct skills to work on, because stamina is needed in netball in order to have energy throughout the hole match, not just in the first quarter, therefore I think stamina is an essential skill applied to netball. Strength can be applied for example throwing a strong chest pass, instead of a weak overhead ball which can easily be intercepted. The programme was easy to manage, and keep up with, because I made it in order to do this. Setting up my circuits was not a challenge although at times I was a bit unorganized than I could have been, but on the whole I think I coped well. Recording the progress of my heart rate and exercises was more of a challenge. I think recording heart rate was difficult because you had to do it straight away, and count very precisely. Also remembering to write down heart rate and result of the exercise because it was a test remembering each thing.

Monitoring the Programme: Appraisal of the Programme: In this section you are evaluating the MONITORING of the programme Assess your choice of station activities. Were the activities at each station suitable for improving the relevant component of fitness? Hopefully the answer is yes and so you just need to say so. Discuss the order of the activities. Was the programme balanced as you monitored each session? You can tell this by looking at your results. – Arm – legs – abdominals etc. If yes or if not just say so and what you would do to change it next time. Did you make any changes whilst you were implementing the programme? Explain why you did/did not.

Explain the effects that the programme had on you as the performer in any of the five sessions or any stage during the programme. Comment on the results that you recorded during the programme. Were the results that you achieved what you expected? Explain why this was/was not the case. valuation Section Four – Do a minimum of 3 This is the Final Evaluation/Appraisal of the programme Refer to your post test scores Comment on the overall management of the programme.  Discuss the overall effect of the programme on you as a performer. . Have you improved? Does that mean that your circuit was effective? If you have not improved why might that be? E.g. have you developed mentally? Do you have a more determined mindset?

How did you enjoy the whole process? Was it interesting? What was your level of motivation during the whole experience? Talk about tedium. Say if you got bored? What might happen if you continued to repeat your circuit over a long period of time? Might you change your training method? Might you vary the stations and introduce new exercises? What may happen next? If you were to run your circuit again how might you adapt your program? What changes would you make? Might you change your training method? E.g. if you need to improve aerobic capacity might continuous running be better or a Fartlek programme? Might you join a gym? An aerobics class?

When planning for circuit training I need to consider the order of exercises. Each station should focus on a different part of the body which is done to avoid the muscles being over worked. If two or more station works …

My circuit was well planned. I knew exactly when and where each exercise was going to be set out because I had a trial run, to test out all my stations. I also knew what equipment I needed and how …

Brief comments after each session 2 marks 1 After this first session I found I enjoyed the whole circuit. The one thing that I have found a bit difficult was completing the press-ups and Tricep-dips, I think the reason being …

I have two P.E lessons and I walk most places everyday. This is approximately how much physical activity I get in a typical week. I don’t have any injuries or health problems. I think I am quite fit because I get …

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