Peer Evaluation of Presentations

* Balance and integration (6 points) Did the team achieve a good balance in their presentation of material? Were all sections well integrated as part of a cohesive presentation? Explain. Yes, the group overall had a good balance of information except for presenter number two who I felt was slow delivering there portion and as a result impacted overall the presentation. Other than that, the presentation felt balanced and cohesive. * Effective research and exploration of the issues identified (6 points) * Summarize briefly in one or two sentences the thesis of the presentation.

* The Group essentially presented the facts in regards to robotics in the surgical respect, and the costs, benefits and downside(s) to the use of said robotics. * How much of the information was new to you? How much did you learn about the technology and its societal impact? Did you gain a clear idea of how this specific technology relates to a larger context? Explain fully. * * Actually quite a bit of the information in regards to the history of robotics and honestly the cost of purchasing the unit was all new data.

While I had thought previously the price would be high, I did not consider the training, maintenance, special tools, etc that would go along with it. * * How do you rate the quality of the research and the persuasiveness of the team’s argument(s)? While I found the data to be overall convincing that robotics may be the way of the future, I still don’t personally feel I could trust a machine in such a respect… not the presentations fault, it a personal thing * Are you convinced the technology poses significant issues?

Explain briefly. I posed the point that what if the power goes out during surgery, or lets say all doctors are replaced with machines, who come running into the ER lobby to save somebody? Who thinks up new surgical procedures? Machines do what they are told… they cant think on the fly like humans or make “gut” feelings… I don’t think in this respect a robot would be a primary choice for surgery. * What do you predict about this technology in its future use(s) and application(s)?

I predict as there presentation discussed, that over time we will see more and more robotic based surgeries, and while I agree healing time make be decreased, again, they can’t think for themselves, so I would think mortality rates will increase. * * * Effectiveness of the team presentation (Add an explanation when warranted, 6 points) * _X__Yes ___NoDid the presenters clearly identify their goals? * _X__Yes ___NoWere the presenters well organized? * _X__Yes ___NoWas the question-and-answer portion logical?

* _X__Yes ___NoWere you able to understand each speaker? * _X__YesAND _X__NoWas the pace appropriate (not too fast, not too slow)? * If you were in a position to make decisions with respect to this technology, how would you act upon this team’s message/apply their recommendations? Please explain. (6 points) I would consider strongly the data provided on whether or not this is a worthy investment. As the presenters stated, there is quite a bit more to the picture than simply buying the product, special tools are required, training for staff, maintenance, etc.etc.

And lets be honest, as new robots are made, these ones will get outdated, and like most technology, be surplused to the way side far too quickly… so you have to be ready for “upgrading” to the latest and greatest as your million dollars is retired and no longer supported. * What did you like and dislike about the paper and presentation? Please be specific. (6 points) Not much except as stated, the second presenter was a tad slow in there part which seemed to drag the whole think out quite a lot. Other than that, good data and good presentation.

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