Patient Safety

Patient Safety plays a major component in providing a safe and accurate care. And (JCAHO) Joint Commission and Accreditation on Healthcare Organization plays a significant role on quality, safety and improvements. The accuracy and safety of the patient is at the top priority of any organization and nursing personnel. When patients walk into a health care facility, the patient must be identifying by a certain criteria. Most hospital has what they called patient identifier. It is most often an account that is created with a medical record number that enable the patient to be identified within the system. The main component of the identifier is a date of birth, social security number, and the patient full name. at any health facility that you go, these are the main question that is ask in order to create an account that is individualize.

Sometimes, for patient who may have similar names, by verifying all of those information components, it reduces the chances possible errors. It would be very rare to find a situation where two patients have the same social security number. The likely wood of that happening is minimal. Same name yes; even similar DOB that is a possibility but SSN would be rare but not ever. Maintaining proper identifier is crucial and must be followed by every staff member. We are human and we often make mistake. By everyone working together, and not be negligent, it would reduce unnecessary risk to the patient safety. For patient identifier to work at its best, all employee/ staff must be engaged and willing to carryout out these core measures that would guaranty a high quality of care. Pt should always be involved as well. Pt should be engage by relaying the information back to the health care professional before and after any procedure. It is essential these methods are carried out throughout the patient stay.

By doing these minimal measures that would eliminate any unnecessary lawsuit that could potentially derive from negligence. Joint Commission is not the only accreditation agency in the Healthcare industry, but is by far the largest and most prestigious. Receiving Joint Commission accreditation gives hospitals and other healthcare providers a leg up in the process of providing their consumers the highest level of service.(“Success factors and SAP company,” 2013, p. 1). Why is Joint Commission accreditation so important?

Top reasons for seeking Joint Commission accreditation are:
•Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace.
•Educates staff regarding best practices and improves business operations, reducing risks. •Provides professional advice and boosts the quality of staff recruitment and development. •Improves quality, safety and overall healthcare experience for patients, families and staff. •Recognized by insurers and third parties and may fulfill regulatory requirements in select states.(“Success factors and SAP company,” 2013, p. 1). JACHO is a not for profit organization and is the driving force behind quality care and safety for the public at large.

There are not the only organizations that patrol the health care industries to make sure them doing their best in providing maximum safety. It appears to be that most organization strives to get accreditation by JACHO. And when JACHO is said to be coming for a visit which most of the time is not scheduled, where I work, everyone would frequently be reminded on policy and procedures of the company in the event a JACHO representative where to speak with a staff member. Now most health care organization use electronic medical record. And by doing so this way, it reduces unnecessary errors and maximizes patient safety. JACHO cannot prevent negligence from happening but they are a good reinforcement in making sure that these organizations are held to a higher level of standard and maintain the outmost quality and safety as it relates to providing quality care and safety.

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