Nutritional Therapy

Every wonder why your parents ask you repeatedly every day to eat your fruits and vegetables? Well most people don’t realize how beneficial just these two foods groups can really be. However, those same parents who tell their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables will also give their kids all sorts of medicines to get rid of a little sickness or cold. Americans rely way too much on medicines rather than relying on a healthier and much more effective alternative, having a clean diet. Researchers and scientists are coming up with new and different ways to cure illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.when the cure to these illnesses is right in front of their eyes.

The best part is, it is a completely harmless treatment. All these illnesses have been at its peak in America, and we wonder why. It’s because doctors automatically result to medicine. Instead of looking at what’s inside the body, they look at only the affected areas. The worst part of this situation is that the only possible cure for these illnesses, is illegal. Nutritional therapy should not be illegal in America just because it is inexpensive.

It’s no surprise that America has made the only hope and natural cure to treating cancer illegal. Annually, the two top killers in the U. S. are cancer and heart disease. According to a documentary called Food Matters, about 39,000 people die due to unnecessary surgeries and other errors in the hospital, 80,000 people die due to their infections in the hospitals, and 106,000 die due to adverse drug reaction. After watching Food Matters, you learn that going on a plant based diet, which is the healthiest diet one can go on, not only treats an illness, but it can potentially reverse the illness completely.

Not only can it treat the illness, it will also prevent others from occurring. While on the other hand, medicine and drugs will only temporarily relieve symptoms. This is a simple formula us Americans can apply, not rocket science. Society has given the world an illusion about hospital and how they can keep a person from dying. But the truth is, that twenty-six percent of patients who get out of the hospital are healthier than they are when they were in the hospital. The initial reason they are admitted to the hospital, in 80-90% of most cases, is because of poor diet.

Almost all of these deaths are a result of bad diet and treatments used to try to improve their bad diet. If people knew how important it is to eat healthy and have a healthy diet, there would be no need for hospitals, drugs, or even operations. Imagine if Americans knew about nutritional therapy like they know about hospitals and medicine, they wouldn’t take medicine. This would lead to most pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to go out of business. They are just a bunch of companies who want you to keep coming back and to take your money by making you think they’re helping you.

Doctors these days only seem to be studying medicine instead of natural substances. It’s a continuous search but for as long as they result to medicine, they will never get closer to the cure. The main problem is that less than six percent of physicians in the U. S. have any formal training in nutrition. So it’s no surprise that more than half the world is not educated on this topic. According to Food Matters if you ask a random person what food has the most protein in it, almost 99% of people will say meat. When really it’s vegetables.

People don’t know that when we cook our meat, more than half the beneficial enzymes that was in it is gone. With vegetables, even if you lightly steam it, that kills almost all the necessary enzymes. A Swiss doctor by the name of Paul Kutshoff showed that if you ate a diet that was more than 51% cooked food that the body would react as if it were being invaded by a foreign organism. He demonstrated that if 51% of a person’s meal was raw, they would have no leukocytosis, which means having no white blood cells (Food Matters).

More than half the world isn’t aware of these things, which is why it’s so hard for obese Americans to lose weight. Almost all the foods that are in our grocery stores these days are processed and by the time the food even reaches to the table to eat, the nutrients have been deteriorated. Our fruits and vegetables travel thousands of miles and are weeks old by the times we purchase it. If we’re lucky, we are getting at most 40% of what we’re eating. We blame obesity of fast foods and lack of exercise but clearly, it’s not only that.

Farmers are spraying our crops with chemicals, the fertilizer for the soil is no good, and so much more is happening to the plants that we don’t even know about. Soil requires 52 types of minerals, and our crops are only getting three out of those 52. (Food Matters). It’s nearly impossible to get the nutrients we need from our food when all this is being done to the plants. There are certain types of food called super foods. These foods have the highest protein content than any other kind of food.

For example, Spirulina is a special type of super food, and it’s the highest protein content food in the world. It is absorbable and it’s not damaged by heat so a person would be able to get all the protein needed. (Food Matters). Another way to be healthier is to eat your vitamins. We’ve heard our parents tell us to eat our vitamins hundreds of times throughout our life. This is because vitamins can be used to treat or even cure illnesses but yet the amount of Americans that take vitamins is not even close to the amount it should be.

According to Food Matters, 106,000 people die per year due to an adverse reaction caused by a drug. Yet in the last 23 years, there have been a total of only 10 deaths to be caused by vitamins (American Association of Poise Control Center). So why is the media portraying vitamins as a not as affective alternative? It’s because they want to take this opportunity to make money since nutrition isn’t as expensive as medicine and drugs. If America is supposed to be a “free country” then why aren’t patients able to choose what they want to do with their health?

Especially when nutritional therapy is a far less dangerous option out of the two. People have this impression where drugs cure an illness, but in order for a illness to heal, the body must heal everything. Once cancer cells grow, they steal nourishment from the healthier cells. People undergo chemotherapy and so much radiation that they don’t realize the radiation only tries to heal the cancer cells, but in the process, the healthy cells suffer from it as well. If you just eat healthy and have a clean diet not only does that help heal the cancer cells, it doesn’t damage the healthy ones at all.

Nutritional therapy should be made legal for cancer patients. People should decide what they want to do with their health. Why should it be made illegal if they haven’t proven it to be harmful in the first place? With all these facts about a nutritional diet and how beneficial it could be towards a person’s health, there should be no reason for the government to take that right away. Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food – Hippocrates. Works Cited -All info from documentary Food Matters.

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